Special cotton cloth for skin

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For smooth skin without peeling!
Moist and smooth skin that cannot be felt with ordinary towels

Sachiko Voice

Generally, after washing your face, be sure to rinse with running water.
Rinse at least 10 times until no facial cleanser or slime remains on the skin.
Be careful not to leave the back of your chin or hairline rinsed.
However, there may still be some rinsing residue.
Persistent I was particular about the rinsing residue.
Therefore, "Skin smooth cloth from Thailand" was born.
Not only used when washing your face, but also by gently stroking the entire skin with "Special cotton cloth for skin" that was loosely squeezed with lukewarm water at the end of rinsing. You can also be.
I started using this, not only because the skin on my face is sick, but also by using it at the end of rinsing after washing the whole body, it makes everywhere smooth.
please! Try it! !!

Description of item

[The basis of beautiful skin is face washing]
It is very important to stick to washing your face.
Even if it is a major premise to use a facial cleanser that suits your skin, that alone is not enough.
No matter how much you use a facial cleanser that suits your skin, if you haven't rinsed it with chitin, it's Akan.
In other words, the word "face wash" includes "what to use?" And "how to use it?".
A new habit of washing and rinsing. If you use it every day, you will notice the change in your skin!

Interview with Asian Cosmet Online Staff
"Isn't it okay to use a towel ?!"
Before trying "Special cotton cloth for skin", I first tried washing and rinsing with my towel (handkerchief type).
Cleaner after washing your face than just your hands! That made me wonder, "Is it okay to use a towel?"
(I'm wondering as a staff member of Asian Cosmetics Online (sweat))
Then, wash your face using "Skin Smooth Cloth from Thailand".
Immediately after washing my face, it feels moist and smooth.
I also felt a difference in the penetration of skin care products.
"Isn't it okay to use a towel ?!" was the result of "After all,'Special cotton cloth for skin' is better."

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・ People who have slimy soap or cleansing residue when washing their face ・ People who are worried about acne, roughness, and dullness ・ People who want to be smooth without peeling

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Original product name /
Cotton Cloth

Internal capacity/
3 sheets (slightly smaller than A4 size)

100% cotton

Producing area/

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How to use

◆ If you do it every day, the conspicuous pores will be eliminated.

≪Smooth cloth face wash≫
Wrap the soap with a wet "Special cotton cloth for skin" → slide on the skin while massaging it → → whisk while adding water → flush with running water

≪Smooth cloth rinse≫
Soak the Special cotton cloth for skin in hot water → rinse off the foam → repeat until it is no longer slimy → usual care such as lotion

* Be sure to wash "Special cotton cloth for skin" and use it after it becomes soft.

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