5% Pearl powder soap

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Soap that you can feel the real skin
Clean dirt! The texture is ready! The whiteness of the skin changes!

Sachiko Voice

If you want beauty from all over the world, Madame in her 70s, who is in a position to get anything, says, "It's the best soap I've ever used!"
The secret is that this soap contains pearl powder that works for moisturizing, skin-beautifying, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, not pearl extract that works for moisturizing and beautiful skin.

Of course, it is important for your skin to be moisturized and nourished.
However, when you rub it with a towel for a while, massage it too much, or remove makeup stains with a strong cleansing agent, you will not feel any pain, and it is better to solve invisible damage. It's important.

By washing your face in the morning and evening to remove stains and create undamaged skin, your skin will always stay radiant.

Description of item

Real "wash x prepare" simultaneous soap is here!
Face wash every day. Are you satisfied?
Dull skin that is not refreshing.
One of the causes is that the dirt is not completely removed from the dull skin.
This "5% Pearl powder soap" makes you realize that "the whiteness of the skin changes so much just by removing the fine stains on the surface of the skin."

The particular thing about this soap is that it contains finely divided pearl "powder" instead of the pearl component "extract".
The effects of pearl extract are moisturizing, skin-whitening, and whitening, but the effects of pearl powder are moisturizing, skin-whitening, and anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and detoxifying effects.
You can also use it if you have troubles such as acne or atopy.

And size and usage.
It is smaller than the palm of your hand and is suitable for cleansing your face.
Please see the usage for details.

This was my face wash! Please realize.
This "5% Pearl powder soap" will do it for you.
Whisk with the palm of your hand or the net to create a sticky, fine foam.
Since the foam contains pearl powder, it works as a skin-friendly scrub and also nourishes and moisturizes.
Therefore, there is no feeling of tension after washing your face, and you will have smooth, fluffy and moisturized skin.

▶ ︎Experience guide
Realize immediately after washing

▶ ︎ Fragrance
Soap scent without fragrance


Original product name /
Ballet pearl pearl soap

Internal capacity/
100g per box (25g x 4 pieces)

Glycerin, water, pearls

Country of origin/

How to use

If you are doing make-up, use a cleansing material before washing your face.

[For normal face washing]
Lather firmly with the palm of your hand and then gently wash your face.

[For slimy face wash]
1) Once a week as a guide, apply wet soap to your wet face and massage it so that it slides.
2) Add lukewarm water little by little and whisk.
3) Leave it for about 30 seconds and then rinse it off thoroughly.

* Detailed instructions on how to use and how to wash your face to eliminate the roughness of your skin are described in the instruction manual.

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