Facial care powder (Okona)

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[Evolved version] 24-hour skin care powder that nurtures beautiful skin
Quickly apply with moisturizing & attractive skin technology

Sachiko Voice

Sachiko Yang's signature skin care item, facial powder,
24 hours a day, morning, noon and night, at any time.
It was created to keep your skin beautiful while nourishing it.
Many people have graduated from foundation after using this product.
We believe that both those who want to maintain their current skin and those with skin concerns will be satisfied with our products.

Description of item

Released in 2009,
What is “Yokao Chinju Beautiful Face Powder (Okona)” that has evolved in 2024?

In the morning and afternoon, use it as a transparent skin face powder.
At night and at bedtime, as a smooth skin care,
A skin care powder that can be used continuously for 24 hours.

The charm of facial powder, part 1
●Emollient effect improved with new ingredients●
The moisturizing ingredients * contained in the white powder adhere to the skin, prevent moisture from evaporating, and maintain moisture.
It has a softening effect on the skin.
*Moisturizing ingredients: silica, lauroyl glutamate di(phytosteryl/octyldodecyl)

The charm of facial powder, part 2
●Graduated from foundation●
You can create beautiful skin for a long time by simply using it before going out.
Foundation is considered to be the basics of makeup, but
``It's troublesome and puts a strain on the skin, so I don't want to apply it if possible.''
There must be many people who thought so.
The secret to the popularity of ``Facial Powder'' is that it's easy to use and doesn't require foundation.

The charm of facial powder, part 3
●Skin care like makeup●
Foundation is used to temporarily hide blemishes, dullness, wrinkles, etc.
``Facial Powder'' is a cosmetic product that allows you to create attractive skin and take care of your skin at the same time.

The charm of facial powder, part 4
●You can leave it on not only during the day but also all night! ●
``Facial Powder'' is an easy-to-use powder that can be used at any time, including morning, afternoon, and before bed.
Also, when you go out for a moment, just apply the ``beauty face powder''.
You can instantly create a beauty that surpasses makeup.

Charm of facial powder, Part 5
●Can be removed with facial soap●
I use a cleansing agent to remove foundation.
Facial powder can be easily washed off with just facial soap.

▶︎Recommended for these people
・People who are looking for beautiful skin with 24-hour skin care ・People who are looking for [skin care & makeup powder] ・People who are thinking about removing foundation

▶︎Estimated experience
Immediately beautiful (visible skin/bare skin)



Original product name/
PERENCIE Yogan Chinju Beautiful Face Powder

Internal capacity/
12g (per piece)

Talc (medical use), pearl, silica, octyldodecyl stearoyloxystearate, lauroyl lysine, silk, farnesol, di(phytosteryl/octyldodecyl) lauroylglutamate, tocopherol acetate, BHT

Producing area/

How to use

After washing your face, prepare your skin with your lotion, etc., and then use it to finish your skin care routine.
It can also be used to finish and touch up makeup.
*Detailed usage instructions are provided in the instruction manual.

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