User Guide

Welcome to Asian Cosmetics Online!
Our shop is an online shop supervised by Sachiko Yang, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.
Carefully selected excellent Chinese medicine beauty (Chinese medicine) cosmetics and useful items for health
We will deliver from Hong Kong to the world.

Member registration

Please register as a member of Asian Cosmetics Online.
You will need to enter the following information to register as a new member.
Please register as a new member from here (create an account) .

* Registration is free, and no admission fee or annual membership fee is required.
* Email addresses are provider emails (@, etc.) and
Please register by web mail (@ etc.).
If you have registered a mobile phone carrier email (@ @ @ _., etc.)
Depending on the junk e-mail settings, you may not receive your order confirmation or important notice.
When registering a mobile phone carrier email
Please be sure to check the reception permission settings of [] and [].

* Please handle with care after setting the member password.
* If you want to correct your membership information, you can correct it from here (MY account page) after logging in.

how to order

After logging in as a member, you will be taken to the purchase screen from the cart.

① Enter the delivery address
If you have a discount coupon code, please enter it here

② Select a delivery method

③ Select a payment method

* If you live in Hong Kong, please contact us from here (inquiry) by stating "Hong Kong resident purchase request" before ordering, as we will inform you about payment.

how to order

You can pay by credit card or Paypal.

【credit card】
We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express credit card payments.
Credit card payments are made directly with the online payment service shopify payments [powered by stripe], so your card information will not be leaked to third parties.
Payment will be made when you place an order.
* Depending on the settlement date, the withdrawal date may be earlier than the delivery date.

In addition to credit cards, Paypal allows you to specify a debit card or bank account as the payment method.
* Settable bank accounts and registration methods
For inquiries about Paypal , please contact the official Paypal website.

Click here for Paypal (external site)

Delivery of goods

By international mail (airmail) from Hong Kong within 3 business days from the date of order
We will ship to the specified address. Please note that you cannot specify the date and time.
* We will make arrangements promptly after ordering,
If the shipment is over 3 business days, we will notify you by email.

Delivery selection and pricing

You can choose between [Regular flight] and [Premium service flight ( EMS )].
You can select from the product order screen.

[Regular flight]
Please bear the shipping fee of 800 yen separately.
However, free shipping is available for purchases of 10,000 yen or more.
It will arrive in about 7 to 14 days after shipping.

[Premium service flights]
Please bear the shipping fee of 3,000 yen separately.
It will arrive in about 3-9 days after shipping.
>> Click here for details on premium services

* Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, shipping charges may be added for shipping to countries and regions other than Japan and Hong Kong. Please note that we will contact the relevant customers individually.

* Some areas cannot be delivered due to various reasons.

 Receipt of ordered products

Since it will be shipped overseas from Hong Kong, you cannot specify the date and time of receipt.

If you receive a notice of absence, please contact the nearest post office immediately.
It may be returned to Hong Kong two weeks after the absence notice.
A resending fee may be charged for resending the returned ordered product.

 Change or cancel your order

The purchased products are personally imported products and cannot be changed, canceled or returned after the order has been placed.
However, in the unlikely event that the delivered product is different or damaged,
Please be sure to contact us within 7 days after the item arrives.
Please note that we will not be able to respond after 7 days.
Due to shipping from Hong Kong, the outer box may be deformed during transportation, but please forgive the return or exchange if the contents are not deteriorated.

 Invoices and receipts

Asian Cosmetics Online is working on making it paperless.
Therefore, the delivery note and receipt are not enclosed with the ordered product to be delivered.
* If you need a delivery note or receipt, please let us know in the "Contact information to the store " when ordering.


Asian Cosmetics Online sends a newsletter full of informative information to all registered members.
If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter without registering as a member, we have set up a registration form at the bottom of the top page.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter, please let us know in your name, registered e-mail address and body that "newsletter will be unsubscribed".

 Hong Kong holiday calendar

The following dates are holidays in Hong Kong, so delivery operations and inquiries will be suspended. please note that.

[2022, Hong Kong Holiday]
Saturday, January 1: New Year's Day
February 1st (Tuesday) to 3rd (Thursday): Chinese New Year
April 5 (Tuesday): Qingming Festival
April 15th (Fri) -18th (Mon): Lent
May 2 (Monday): Labor Day (transfer holiday)
May 9th (Monday): Buddha's Birthday (transfer holiday)
June 3rd (Friday): Dragon Boat Festival
July 1st (Friday): Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Anniversary
September 12 (Monday): The day after the Mid-Autumn Festival (transfer holiday)
October 1st (Sat): National Day
October 4th (Tuesday): Double Ninth Festival
December 25th (Sun) -27th (Tue): Christmas Festival (including transfer holidays)

■■■ Please check ■■■

● Inspection at customs clearance ●
At the time of customs clearance, the box may be opened due to unannounced inspections.
After the inspection, it will be closed with adhesive tape with the wording that the customs has opened and delivered to the customer.

● About delivery address ●
When ordering cosmetics or supplements, please enter the address of the person who will use it.
* Delivery to an address other than the user (orderer) is not permitted as an individual import under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.
Therefore, it cannot be sent to an address other than the person who uses it.

● About the number of orders ●
Please note that at the discretion of Japan Customs, we cannot handle personal imports in quantities larger than those used by individuals.
The guideline is 24 or less per item.
In addition, it is legally prohibited to sell personally imported products to third parties.

● Taxes ●
Consumption tax in Japan does not apply to overseas mail orders for personal consumption if the taxable price is 10,000 yen or less.
If the amount of one order exceeds 16,666 yen (taxable price 10,000 yen)
Customs duty may be applied (about 3 to 10 % as a guide).
Should customs duties be levied, please pay the taxes when the goods are delivered and receive the goods.
Therefore, if the order amount exceeds 16,666 yen, order in multiple parts, etc.
Please consider ordering within the range of no customs duty.
If you order a lot of products at once,
We may ship your order in several boxes. note that.
* Tariff arrangements differ depending on the country or region where you live.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check with the appropriate contact information before placing an order.