Concept message "Yang Sachiko's idea"

Chui Cosmetology is a discipline that pursues "anti-aging x health x longevity x beautiful appearance".
 In China, "immortality and longevity" has always been the ideal, and the goal has been a lifestyle that keeps youthful while living long.

Nowadays, even in the world, women are in good health even when they are 90 years old.
In addition to the ideas of traditional Chinese medicine and cosmetology, WHO (World Health Organization) also believes that "keeping healthy allows you to live cleanly and comfortably until you are 120 years old."

However, it is a well-established theory that the peak of women's mind and body is around 35 years old, even in the times when the life span was short and in the present age when the life span was long. Therefore, we have to continue the peak of being beautiful for a long life.


In Chinese cosmetology, the mind and body are one.
Various worries caused by the aging phenomenon also appear inside, outside, and in the mind.
What is common there is the phenomenon of "hardening".

The trouble begins with the fact that the skin, mind, and internal organs all "harden".

The idea that we have reached by identifying the cause of "hardening" is to always "warm" and always "moisturize", and to lead a life without worries. In order to [make your own health and your own beauty], we will introduce things based on the idea of ​​Chinese medicine cosmetology.

Chinese Medicine Doctor Yang Sachiko