[PERLENCIE] Beauty paper with pearl & mineral white mud

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"Mineral mud x pearl" continues to suppress shiny skin
Absorbs excess dirt on the skin and keeps it glossy and moisturized

Sachiko Voice

Originally, there was an oil-removing paper called "White Mineral Mud Powder Paper".
It is always smooth because the particles of mineral mud with fine holes continue to absorb excess oil from the skin.
Therefore, it was very good to say, "You can be in a state where you don't know about fluffy things, and you don't know how to lose your makeup!", But there is one thing that is unsatisfactory! The feeling of mud deprives the skin of its natural shine.
I wonder if that is something I can do. When I consulted with the president of this company, "This oil-removing paper is a combination of paper made from Nantake and white mineral mud, and the others do not fit properly."
In order to give a moist feeling, I searched for a material that is natural, good for the skin, and powdery.
In the end, pearls and silk remained, but pearls were chosen as the white mineral mud.
In writing, it was only a few lines of events, but it took eight years to reach this.

Description of item

"[PERLENCIE] Beauty paper with pearl & mineral white mud" is 100% natural material.
"Minamitake", which can only be collected once every two years in Longhui Tantoucun, is made into bamboo paper.
The bamboo paper is made from "natural mineral mud" and "pearl powder" that can be collected near Longhui Tantoucun.

General "oil blotting paper" absorbs excess sebum.
In addition, general "white paper" is used when white powder gets on the paper and remakes.
This "[PERLENCIE] Beauty paper with pearl & mineral white mud" removes oil and dirt from the skin and absorbs excess fat onto paper, just like oil blotting paper, but it is a natural ingredient of Oshiroi, "Natural Mineral Mad". By the action of "pearl" and "pearl", it makes your skin smooth and comfortable.
"Natural Mineral Mud Powder" photosynthesizes on the skin, carries oxygen, maintains normal cutaneous respiration, acts as a protective film, and continuously absorbs greasy stains that emerge on the epidermis to metabolize the skin. Prompt.
"Pearl" contains conchiolin amino acids, which helps to replenish the moisture that decreases with age, and also has the effect of making finely divided pearl powder reflect light and give the skin a sense of transparency.

It is a "blotting + face powder" paper for adult girls' makeup breakup and makeup repair that allows you to feel "immediately beautiful, forever beautiful."

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Makeup breaks and makeup repairs are quick and beautiful!・ Those who are worried about the oiliness of the face ・ Those who are prone to acne ・ Those who want to eliminate dullness, gloss and moisture

▶ ︎Experience guide
Immediately feel it after using one. If you continue to use it, you will feel even more.

▶ ︎ Fragrance


Original product name /
[PERLENCIE] Beauty paper with pearl & mineral white mud

Internal capacity/
30 sheets

Bamboo paper, natural mineral mud, pearl powder

Producing area/
Longhui Tantoucun, Hubei Province, China

How to use

① Take out the face powder and use the one with powder. ② Gently apply the paper powder to the part where you want to remove the sebum and gently press it from above. ③ When the face powder is lightly transparent, the sebum will be removed and the face powder will be on your face. Is proof that you are

[When do you use it? ]
① When making up in the morning: Press down on the entire face before applying UV cream or foundation. By removing excess sebum from the face, you can improve the glue and prevent it from collapsing.
(2) When redressing: Please use as oil removing paper. There is no need to repaint the foundation because it has a face powder. You can remake your makeup cleanly and quickly without floating powder.

Precautions, etc.

* Because it is made of 100% natural ingredients, you may feel that the South bamboo paper is easy to tear.
* Detailed usage is described in the product manual.
* Usage guideline: The usage amount of one sheet is just a guideline. Please adjust according to your skin condition and taste.

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