[Quick & keep] Real skin care cream

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Even one step is OK! Cream that evolves into the ideal skin
Original self-confidence work for Agel ↑↑ skin

Sachiko Voice

"Well, I can't do that again," said Huang, president of Taiwan's super-famous cosmetics company SOFNON, with a bitter smile.
It says, "Wake up in the morning! Instead of skin care that starts with a feeling of despair, I want to touch my skin in the morning, I feel joy in its firmness and chewy feeling, and I am confident in my own brightness of the skin in the mirror and the inconspicuousness of the pores on my cheeks. The day begins.
I want to have such a lifestyle! Therefore, I want a skin care item that responds to that! The supreme joy of President Huang, who has been with us for many years until he was convinced, was "to make the impossible possible".
With the director of the research institute and the factory manager, we had many meetings and made samples many times, and the result was the strongest "[Quick & keep] Real skin care cream" in the history of Sachiko Yo.
It's amazing both during and after using it. And that amazing state will become a natural state while you continue to use it. If you haven't come across a satisfying cream, or if you're a fan of "[24Hours] Face powder with pearl & Silk", you'll definitely love it. Please try it if you like.

Description of item

We are particular about the repair power of the skin itself.
Top of skin Shape memory cream haste repair, just "pin!"

This "TSAIO x rφ peque [Quick & keep] Real skin care cream" was developed in collaboration with Sachiko Yang and the signboard Chinese skin care brand "TSAIO " of Taiwan's SOFNON, which took a great deal of research and time to make facial powder. Skin care cream ".

The characteristics of age skin are "scars", "color unevenness", "dryness", "roughness", and "looseness".
To overcome them, use anti-aging ingredients such as snail extract, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, squalane, and glycerin. It is summarized with Pervecia canaliculata extract (marine plant collagen) that supports the creation and maintenance of the cellular state of young skin.
As a result, the contradictory functions of "immediate effect" and "sustainability" required by age skin have become one.

* Experience the effects of "[Quick & keep] Real skin care cream"! The enclosed instruction manual describes the [30-second massage] method.

≪Voice of loyal users≫ Y.A
The moment I applied "[Quick & keep] Real skin care cream"  to my face, I felt that the surface of my skin was instantly covered with a high-quality wax-like film.
The soba that I put on makes my skin smooth and feels very good.
Its comfort, scent, firmness and moisturizing skin the next morning were far superior to the super-luxury beauty essence I bought before.

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Those who feel that the cheeks and eyelids and the apex of the corners of the mouth have been lowered ・ Those who are worried about sagging due to the lack of firmness of the skin ・ Those who feel that the surface and inside of the skin are not moisturized and may be inner dry skin

▶ ︎Experience guide
Immediately after application, "pin" even after a while (3 months' worth of morning and evening use)

▶ ︎ Fragrance
Slightly refreshing like grapefruit


Original product name /
Nourishing and Repairing Cream

Internal capacity/
50g (with a special spatula)

Pervecia canaliculata extract, snail extract, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, squalane, glycerin

Country of origin/

How to use

After washing your face and after the lotion has penetrated, take an appropriate amount and apply it to the entire face.
* Detailed usage is described in the manual.

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