White-shooter essence

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For tough stains that have been created.
Aim twice in the morning and night!

Sachiko Voice

This "Shoot! The brush on the back of the lid of "White-shooter essence" looks like a nail polish brush.
However, when you use it, you will feel that this brush is quite hard, unlike the nail polish brush.
What's more, you'll notice that the tips of the brushes are cohesive. You can understand the reason only after using it.
Since the tip of the hair is hard and organized, not only can you get a pinpoint wet spot on small spots as well as large spots by changing the angle, but you can also lightly tap the spot on the tip of the hair to activate that part. increase.
Am I the only one who is impressed by the small vial that takes into account not only the ingredients but also the effect of the application method?

Description of item

The ideal beautiful skin that you really should aim for is to have a "uniform skin color" with no unevenness or spots, no matter what color the skin is.

"White-shooter essence" is a transparent essence.
Reishi, medicated ginseng, aloe, vitamin C, vitamin B6, etc. are carefully selected and blended.
For clean skin after washing your face, soak a small brush attached to the lid of "White-shooter essence" with this essence that is concentrated tightly, and let it just meet only the part you care about.
Instead of letting the brush lie down and stroking it, apply it by poking it with the tip of the brush.
Also, the point is to repeat it again after it dries.
Aim for the bare skin you want to be while using up one bottle.

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Those who have formidable spots that are worrisome ・ Those who do not want to use a concealer ・ Those who want to aim for a uniform skin color

▶ ︎Experience guide
Experience the next morning at the earliest!

▶ Fragrance ︎
<Before use> Chinese scent <After use> Almost no scent remains


Original product name /
Noble flower special effect spotted water

Internal capacity/

Reishi, glycerin, medicated ginseng, aloe, vitamin C, vitamin B6

Producing area/

How to use

After cleansing and washing your face in the morning and at night, apply an appropriate amount to the areas of concern without applying anything to your skin.
After permeating the essence, please do your usual skin care.
* Please use on clean bare skin to maximize the effect.

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