Royal jelly powder [freeze-dried]

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A meal for a queen bee with a particularly tremendous vitality
Energetic filling! For "emergency allowance" when you are tired!

Sachiko Voice

The aunt in Osaka is walking with [candy] and gives it to her every time she meets a person! I think there are many people who have heard that. The timing to give Ame-chan to a person is "when you want to take a break", that is, when you want the other person to relax. I feel relieved when I eat sweets.
I used to walk with candy from Osaka, but now it has changed to [Royal jelly powder [freeze-dried]].
The reason is that I realized that the people I meet are often insanely tired.
When I meet a person who seems tired, he says, "Try this! Royal jelly. It's powder burns, but you can slowly comb it in your mouth like a candy without water!" I will give you.
Most people try to eat it while understanding that "Ah, it's a substitute for Osaka's auntie candy."
Then, in less than 15 minutes, I smiled like the sun and started talking about various things.
So, most people are surprised that they are doing well, and that is because of [Royal jelly powder [freeze-dried]], and they are even more surprised.
Then, you will be addicted to it and will be able to carry it around as a [spiritual amulet]. It has tremendous power.

Description of item

It's a meal for the queen, so it's nutritious!
Royal jelly is "a meal for the queen bee with a particularly tremendous vitality" among the bees.
Shennong Ben Cao Jing, the oldest Chinese dictionary in China, said, "Royal jelly has no side effects even when taken for a long period of time. It can lighten the body, enhance vitality, and obtain the effect of immortality." It is written.
In Chinese medicine, crude drugs are classified into upper, middle and lower, and royal jelly is included in the refined ones. Elegant means a Chinese medicine that you can definitely feel the effect by continuing to take it.
Royal jelly, which has long been known as a source of energy, is sold all over the world, and raw royal jelly does not contain extras, so it can be effective most efficiently. ..
Unfortunately, raw royal jelly is difficult to store for long periods of time and is not portable.
Therefore, soft capsules and granule types are the main products.
"Royal jelly powder [freeze-dried]" introduced by Asian Cosmetics Online is freeze-dried natural raw royal jelly, and is composed of 100% royal jelly without mixing. By freeze-drying, we were able to make the royal jelly into easy-to-drink and easy-to-carry subdivisions without damaging the vital nutritional components of the royal jelly.

-Did you know? ~
Royal jelly and honey are completely different things.
Honey is made by breaking down the nectar of flowers collected by worker bees into glucose and fructose, then returning it to the nest from the mouth and aging it. The substance is secreted from the pharynx in the head, and it is a milky white trolley liquid.
The queen bee was not originally born as a queen bee. A bee that happens to be returned from an egg laid on a bed for a queen bee called "Odai" becomes a "queen bee with extraordinary vitality" by being given "royal jelly".
This mysterious power that the bee that may have become a worker bee becomes a queen bee is the source of our energy.

◆ Asian Cosmetics Online Staff Experience ◆
~ Part 1 ~
The day when my family went to the beach. After playing hard, hang out.
Cleaning up, washing, preparing meals ... I'm very busy.
Moreover, I have a feeling that a headache is likely to occur, probably because I was in the sun or because I was tired.
I want to avoid getting stuck!
Immediately after returning home, I drank a bag of "Royal jelly powder [freeze-dried]".
I was able to do it smoothly that night without any headaches, and the next day I was able to live as usual without feeling tired.

~ Part 2 ~
My daily routine continued to be slapstick, and from the time when my average sleep time was less than 5 hours, I started to feel tired.
But now I can't rest. Every morning, I started to drink "Royal jelly powder [freeze-dried]".
From then on, it was possible to "work that day, within that day."
I started to drink when I had to go crazy or when I was trying my best.

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・ People who are busy recently and can't get rid of fatigue ・ People who feel tired easily ・ People who want to stay healthy at any time

▶ ︎Experience guide
30 minutes at the earliest

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I feel a little sour


Original product name /
Old mountain bee king royal jelly powder

Internal capacity/
0.5g (per bag)

100% royal jelly

Country of origin/

How to eat

Take 1 bag a day with plenty of water at room temperature, or slowly dissolve in your mouth like a candy.

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