Real gingeng astringent

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Pore ​​tightening astringent
Not sticky, not clogged. A long-selling all-purpose lotion.

Sachiko Voice

Eating habits are one of the causes of pore opening and pore clogging.
This is because a large amount of sebum is secreted due to excessive intake of oily foods and disordered eating habits.
Oxidation of excessively secreted sebum damages cells and reduces the resilience of pores, making it difficult for them to return with their pores open.
Therefore, it is necessary to remove the secreted sebum without leaving it as it is.
It is important to wash your face, but you must also choose a lotion after that.
"Chinese ginseng whole lotion" that adjusts the oil balance will be a reassuring ally.

Description of item

There are two main types of open pores.
The first is the state where the pores that spread in the vertical direction are conspicuous in large areas such as the cheeks.
It is often seen in people whose skin is sagging due to aging.
The second is a state in which the pores are clogged with sebum and dirt, and the pores have been widened.
It is often found in people who have a lot of sebum secretion.

Whole ginseng lotion works on two types of pores with different causes.
The point is how to paint properly.
To open pores due to sagging skin, put the entire face with cotton soaked with lotion of Italian ginseng and let the ingredients penetrate.
The active ingredient, medicated ginseng, can nourish and plump the skin while promoting blood circulation.

Also, to open pores due to excessive sebum secretion, use your fingertips from the nose to the cheeks and apply directly.
This adjusts the oil balance of the skin, which is another function of medicated ginseng, and further improves the effect of tightening pores.
By continuing to double-use this lotion on a regular basis, you can take care of two types of pore opening, so your skin will become smoother, less sticky, less clogged, and closer to firm and firm skin. ..

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Those who are worried about the opening and clogging of pores ・ Those who have severe makeup loss from the nose to the cheeks ・ Those who have dry skin even though the skin surface is oily

▶ ︎Experience guide
From the time I used up one.

▶ ︎Taste
<Before use> Natural odor of root vegetables <After use> Almost no scent remains


Original product name /
Inojin Astringent

Internal capacity/

Glycerin, medicated carrots, pearls

Producing area/

please note/
・ The size of medicated carrots is different.
・ The deposit of medicated ginseng may make the lotion look muddy, but there is no problem with the quality.

How to use

[Usage order]
1) After washing your face, put on the entire face.
2) Apply directly with your fingertips wherever you are concerned.

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