Acne Targeting Essence

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One point intensive acne care
For acne and acne scars

Sachiko Voice

I was fascinated by the precautions in the manual that properly taught me the cause of acne!
No matter how hard you try to care from the outside, you have to be able to care from the inside.
Taking care of both the inside and outside of the body is the way to maintain truly beautiful skin.

Description of item

Among the troubles related to acne, the most serious ones are recurring acne and acne scars.
In addition, acne often occurs, and only the traces remain, etc.
More and more people are suffering from adult acne.

Once you have adult pimples, to hide the red spots,
In order to hide the ugly acne scars, people tend to wear more and more makeup.
However, this is effective for both acne and acne scars.
It is also not good for maintaining the beauty of bare skin.
So, thinking about skin care for acne and acne scars that have been made,
"Acne Targeting Essence".

When you feel that acne has become severe, please use it for acne scars that you are concerned about.

What is the recommended drink "Kudinga" for acne care?
Adjust the balance in the body and take care of acne from the inside.
"Kudocha" supports body balance.
>>> Click here for details of "Kudinga"

▶︎Recommended for
・Those who suffer from single acne ・Those who are concerned about adult acne ・Those who want to manage acne scars

▶︎Experience standard

<Before use> Fragrance of Chinese medicine <After use> Almost no scent remains


Original product name/
Takabana Katsuketsu Water

Internal capacity/

dandelion, ginseng, aloe

Producing area/

How to use

After cleansing in the morning and evening and washing your face, apply nothing to your skin.
Apply an appropriate amount to the areas of concern.
After the essence penetrates, please do your usual skin care.
*Use on clean skin

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