Sticky-foam face soap

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For measures against face mites
Facial cleansing skin care with rich foam

Sachiko Voice

● The reason why it is recommended to wash your face with “Sticky-foam face soap” for face mites ●

If you are suffering from rough skin, review your lifestyle and
We recommend that you start by changing the easy-to-use facial cleanser.

Although general facial cleansers have excellent detergency, they contain chemical components and may be irritating to people with sensitive skin.
In addition, many of the popular facial cleansers contain synthetic surfactants,
It may also wash away sebum and dead skin cells that need to be left on the skin, causing the skin to become unbalanced.
On the other hand, soap has the characteristic of being easily decomposed when it comes in contact with water.
Foam is less likely to remain on the face, reducing the risk of causing rough skin.

Let's aim to be beautiful immediately and forever by using the "elastic moist foam" created by "Sticky-foam face soap"!

Description of item

● "Countermeasures against face mites x ︎ Moisturizes and smoothes skin" Soap ●
You may be a little surprised to hear that it is a face mite, but it has a role as a skin cleaner and keeps the balance.
However, if it increases too much, the balance of the skin may be lost.

In order not to breed more face mites than necessary
① Do not increase the amount of sebum on the face more than necessary ② Keep it clean
Is important.

● Plant components that lead to face mites bye bye ●
Clove leaf extract, Litsea cubeba oil, Breckland thyme extract, Clara root extract

● Plants + natural ingredients that lead to beautiful skin ●
Olive fruit oil, palm oil, coconut oil, sea salt, silk peptide, peony bark extract, sheep milk extract

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Those who love to wash their face with foam ・ Those who want to condition their skin ・ Those who may have increased the number of face mites

▶ ︎Experience guide
Gently wash your skin

▶ ︎ Fragrance
I feel a little sweetness like coconut


Original product name /
Mysterious 彤 蚕 丝 Protein Soap

Internal capacity/
100g (per piece)
With whipping net

Sodium stearate, olive fruit oil, palm oil, coconut oil, glycerin, sucrose, sea salt, [antibacterial face tick measures: butterfly leaf extract, blue-green algae oil, yoshuibukijakousou extract, clara root extract], potassium sorbate, propylene Glycol, distilled water, silk peptide, peony bark extract, sheep milk extract

Producing area/

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A set of 3 Sticky-foam face soap
[Limited quantity] Sticky-foam face soap 3 pieces + facial cleansing brush included

How to use

With clean hands, use the included whipping net to whisk well.
Gently wash your face from the outside to the inside.
Carefully wash the T zone, which produces a lot of sebum.
Don't forget the hairline and contour (face line).
Rinse carefully so that there is no rinsing residue.
Condition your skin with your usual skin care items.

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