Special cotton cloth & 5% Pearl powder soap set

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Facial cleansing set to lay the foundation for your skin
"Cat's hand" face wash to care for dead skin and promote blood circulation! To beppin bare skin without dullness.

Sachiko Voice

As with the body, warming the face is the shortcut to good health. This set focuses on [keeping the skin clean, which is the basis of cleansing the skin]. The basis is "hand wash of cats".

By making it a habit of washing your face every day, you can stop the decline, your skin condition will always be good, and you will be able to meet "I feel that the effects of the cosmetics I usually use improve without knowing it!".

Description of item

The effect can only be seen after the dirt on the skin has been removed!
Conspicuous pores, dullness, wrinkles, and sagging are caused by unwanted dead skin cells remaining on the skin due to lack of water in the skin, blood circulation stagnation, and slowdown of turnover speed.
Therefore, I would like you to practice "keratin care + blood flow care".
Keratin care accelerates the turnover speed, which slows down with age, and helps remove unwanted stains on the skin.
In addition, blood flow care promotes blood circulation and leads to proper nutrition from inside the body to the skin. You can do all these cares at once with "Special cotton cloth & 5% Pearl powder soap set". By using it when washing your face every day, it is a super-accurate care set to make your skin shine more without burdening the skin with dirt on the surface of the skin and old keratin that cannot be removed by washing the surface of the skin.

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ People who can no longer feel the effects of the cosmetics they usually use ・ People who have bad makeup ・ People who have rough skin even though they intend to wash their face properly

▶ ︎Experience guide
Realize immediately after washing

▶ ︎ Fragrance
Soap scent without fragrance


Original product name /
5% Pearl powder soap: Basho Jinjuka
Special cotton cloth for skin: Cotton Cloth

Internal capacity/
5% Pearl powder soap: 100g (25g x 4)
Special cotton cloth for skin: 1 set

5% Pearl powder soap: glycerin, water, pearl
Special cotton cloth for skin: 100% cotton

Country of origin/
5% Pearl powder soap: China
Special cotton cloth for skin: Thailand

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how to use

◆ If you do it every day, the conspicuous pores will be eliminated.

≪Smooth cloth face wash≫
Wrap "5% Pearl powder soap" Special cotton cloth for skin" → Gently slide on the skin while massaging it → Soap on the skin and lukewarm water Wash your face with lather while adding soap → Rinse with running water ≪Preparing your cat's hands≫
Soak "Special cotton cloth for skin" in lukewarm water, squeeze it lightly, pinch the tip between your fingertips and wrap it around your hand. Rinse off the ingredients → Repeat until the “slimy” disappears → After towel drying, go to the usual care such as lotion

* Detailed instructions on how to wash your face by hand are described in the enclosed instruction manual. * Be sure to wash "Special cotton cloth for skin" before using it after it has become soft.

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