Herbal belly button patch for 30days

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Just stick it on your navel.
For whole body beauty

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Why don't you try "fine" from the navel for the first?

Description of item

◆ Full of Chinese herbs
Ingredients of "Herbal belly button patch for 30days"
It has been handed down from ancient times to the present day, and it is popular regardless of age or sex.

◆ Please note: Those who cannot use
・ Pregnant women
・ Those with high blood pressure
・ Those who have a history of heart or brain disease
・ Those with sensitive skin

▶ ︎Experience guide
At the earliest, the next morning's toilet time. We recommend that you continue for at least 30 days.

▶ ︎ Fragrance
The spicy scent of Japanese pepper and the refreshing scent of moxa


Original product name /

Internal capacity/
30 tablets (for 30 days), tape

Moxa,Longan,Sichuan pepper,Dahurian angelica leaf,Citrus reticulata peel,Cinnamon,Hoelen,Cinnamon twig,Clove

Producing area/

How to use

Stick it on your navel only when you are sleeping.
Before going to bed or after taking a bath, use lotion to condition the skin around the navel, and when the lotion has penetrated, apply it to the navel.
Don't forget to use the tape (dedicated bandage) for those who have a rash on their skin.
When you wake up in the morning (8 hours after applying), don't forget to remove it.

★ Notes
・ Do not use if you are injured around your navel, have a cold, or during your period.
・ Close the bottle lid tightly after each use.
・ Apply before going to bed and remove immediately when you wake up. It may cause a rash due to the adhesiveness of the tape.
・ Please refrain from excessive drinking, raw foods, stimulants, and spicy foods during the period of use.
・ This is not edible, so please do not eat it.
・ Regarding the use of children and the elderly, please supervise an adult who has the judgment ability.
・ If you have a rash, stick it on your stomach, so it is recommended that you start with an hour or two and then gradually increase the time.
・ If you have a rash on your skin due to the adhesiveness of the tape (dedicated bandage), it is recommended to use it after conditioning your skin with a lotion or a smooth type milky lotion.

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