Food massage herbal oil

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One for each family! Super practical 100% Chinese medicine massage oil

Professional purveyor! This one is for care for your knees

Sachiko Voice

This Guriguri oil, whose real name is [Emergency Hua Tuo Oil].

I think there are many people who are motivated by THE Hong Kong retro packages.
I'm sure some of you will be fascinated by the beauty of kitsch-shaped glass bottles and red oil that contains no preservatives or chemical ingredients.

This oil will make your heart flutter just by watching it.
In fact, in Hong Kong, Chinese sportsmen (people who usually practice kenpo and lion dance, etc.) and Chinese dance people (members of theater companies such as Yue opera).
It is a super-practical oil that is indispensable for us, not just one bottle for each family, but one for each person.

In the first place, this oil was made so that twisted, bumped, fallen, and scraped sports can be recovered quickly by traditional sports and dancers.
This one not only deals with scratches, cuts, sword wounds, sprains, etc. that are common during exercise, but also has a prescription that works almighty for stiff shoulders, back pain, swelling, insect bites, and burns. One reason for each one.

However, that was not the only way to use the tricks introduced here.
What I paid attention to was "the exquisiteness of the oil's spread and slipperiness when applied to the skin."
It is also effective as a massage oil for those who want to make the instep feel smooth from the knees to the toes and from the toes of the feet.

Those who want to get a healthy and beautiful body, legs and feet.
Please try the Guri Guri Massage using Guri Guri Oil once.
And let's make it a habit and walk the path to healthy longevity!

Description of item

It's a waste to just call it all-purpose oil!

The package of "Food massage herbal oil" includes [Bruises, burns, sword wounds, burns, hemostasis, bleeding (bruise, old wounds, numbness, paralysis, muscle pain, fever, headache, etc.) , Removes sword wounds, burns, bleeding, and pain)], and is a versatile oil that works for various physical problems.
But Asian Cosmetics Online isn't just about "because it's a versatile oil."

There are various massage oils in the world, but what is wonderful about "Food massage herbal oil" is ...

◯ "Slip as a massage oil is too excellent"
◯ "Being able to feel the effect properly"
◯ "Anyway, the Hong Kong retro package is exciting"

Please use one for each family as a first aid kit as well as a massage oil under the knees.

Guri-guri massage report using "Food massage herbal oil"
>>> Click here for details on the Guriguri Massage Report

* For details, please refer to "Food massage herbal oil" Guri Guri Massage "method using refreshing Guri Guri Oil".

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▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Those who want to lose their legs ・ Those who feel uncomfortable with their knees ・ Those who are concerned about the size of their calves ・ Those who have been with ankle sprains for many years ・ Those who want to repel cellulite on the shin ・ Those who are concerned about swelling in the evening ・ Especially Those who are worried about the "sprained ankle" of the limbs

▶ ︎Experience guide
You should feel the change as you continue.

▶ ︎ Fragrance
Chinese herbal oil itself


Original product name /
First aid Hua Tuo oil

Internal capacity/

Main ingredients /
Sanshichi (Tasana), Karasuyaku, Huang Kashiwa, Solitary, Sumiki, Toki, Frankincense, Myrrh, Meat Katsura, Kawatori, Ice pieces, Camphor, Camphor oil

Country of origin/
Hong Kong

How to use

▶ ︎Basic usage (package description)
Take an appropriate amount and massage the area you are interested in for 5 to 10 minutes. Do it 2 to 5 times a day.

▶ ︎Sachiko Yang is highly recommended! How to massage
[1] Apply Guriguri oil from below the knee to the ankle, and use the second joint of the finger with "Goo's Choki" to rub it up so as to pinch the shin from the ankle to the bottom of the knee x 9 times.

[2] Use the second joint of the finger or the belly of the thumb to make one round trip on both sides of the shin.
[3] Using the second joint of the finger with "Cat's Hand (Goo)", rub it from the base of the toe to the crotch of the finger (higher instep) x 9 times
[4] Use the second joint of the index finger to "grip" both sides of the ankle 9 times.

[5] In "Goo's Rock-paper-scissors", use the second joint of the finger and rub it up so as to pinch the shin from the ankle to the bottom of the knee x 9 times
[6] Place your thumb on your knee and use the second joint of your index finger to "grip" around your knee x 9 times.
[7] Rub the remaining oil x 9 times

[8] Finally massage the fist of the hand

Precautions, etc.

Preservation method/
Close the lid tightly and store in a cool, dark place. Keep out of the reach of children.

Do not put in mouth or eyes Do not use for pregnant women

▼ "Food massage herbal oil: real name [emergency Hua Tuo oil]" is made like this.

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