[Sachiko's selection] Your body's best answer-Bitter tea

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That's bitter tea

Non caffeine. You can drink anytime.

Sachiko Voice

The first time I drank it, it was really bitter!I thought.
To stay healthy in China There are so many people who drink steadily every day.

Description of item

“Bitter tea” is a health tea that has been traditionally drunk in China for a long time, and is called “beauty tea” or “health tea” in China.
In the world of Chinese tea, those that contain the tips are considered more 'premium' due to the limited harvest time.

At our shop, we use the entire tip of the rare tip and carefully select only the finest "full-leaf" tea leaves among the "Bitter tea". This tea is, as the name suggests, a bitter tea, but the bitterness is mixed with flavors such as astringency and sweetness.

As you drink it over and over again, you will become addicted to this mellow bitterness. We recommend taking it before or after meals.

◆ ​​"Five elements" concept of traditional Chinese medicine ◆
In traditional Chinese medicine, ingredients are divided into colors, tastes, and seasons.
Based on that idea, summer must incorporate bitterness.
Therefore, "Bitter tea" is recommended for summer hydration.

◆ How to brew Bitter tea that warms your body ◆
<What to prepare>
1 leaf bitter tea, 2 slices of ginger, 300-350cc of water, a cup with a lid (if you can keep it warm)
<How to make>
Put bitter tea in a cup with a lid.
Put water and ginger in a pot and pour boiling water (make ginger hot water).
put ginger hot water in a cup with bitter tea.
Wait for about 10 minutes before drinking
☆ Please add ginger  hot water for the second and subsequent too.

▶ ︎Experience guide
Refreshing as continue to drink.

▶ ︎Taste
When you drink it for the first time, have a lot of bitterness, but after drinking it several times, the bitterness becomes addictive.


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Bitter tea

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How to eat

Put one bottle of "[Sachiko's selection] Your body's best answer-Bitter tea" in a tumbler, mug, etc. every day, pour boiling water, and drink while adding. Even if the taste becomes lighter, just one bottle a day!
* If you add too many Bitter teas or add hot water for too long, it may become very painful.
* Do not take during menstruation, pregnancy, or when you have diarrhea due to gastroenteritis.

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