Handsome beauty 2weeks program

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Easy intestines! Cleaning inside the body.
Just melt it quickly and drink it. Refreshing men and women do not accumulate.

Sachiko Voice

Until now, it was common to eat "Herbal turtle jelly",
but recently, the type that can be easily dissolved in water and drunk is becoming mainstream.
Why don't you aim to maintain your health by drinking a lot?

Description of item

Regular cleaning is the secret to "super" cleanliness.

◆ 6.5kg of toxins are accumulated in the body! ?? ◆
What if your body wasn't getting rid of the toxins that had accumulated during your lifetime?
It's the same as having never taken a bath since I was born,
Thickly accumulated toxins are accumulated in the body.
Toxins travel through your body along the flow of blood to each organ,
It has a significant impact on your health and your skin.

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・Those who are prone to disordered eating habits
・ Those who want to drink deliciously easily
・ Those who are trying to maintain their health

▶ ︎Experience guide
Experience the next morning at the earliest after the program starts!

▶ ︎Taste
Lime-flavored powdered juice


Original product name /


Internal capacity/
6g x 28 bags

Lemongrass, lime, glucose, maltose

Producing area/
Hong Kong

How to use

* Dissolve in 240cc of lukewarm water and drink one bag at a time in the morning and evening.
* The enclosed instruction manual describes a refreshing massage method before going to bed.

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