Stomach massage balm

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[<< Warm >> balm for Stomach]
Warm and warm that spreads from the stomach to the whole body. For painful "tension, constipation, menstrual cramps"!

Sachiko Voice

◆ It is important to keep your stomach warm ◆

"Tummy" in the middle of the body.
Are you hungry or puyo puyo?

I get the impression that fat is warm, but fat has a cold-retaining property.
When the body gets cold, the fat-rich tummy remains cold, and the internal organs inside it also get cold.
Eating and drinking cold foods can keep your stomach cold and cause your body to get cold.
The coldness of the stomach is also related to the tendency of the body to become stiff and the limbs to become cold and swollen.
Not only that, the coldness of the stomach is also related to the beauty of the appearance such as skin troubles.

Description of item

Are you touching your stomach?
Do you feel lumpy when you touch your stomach?

Coldness is a major cause of tummy clogging and upset.
Because it's cold, my stomach slows down. A vicious cycle of clogging and upset. .. ..
To get out of this virtuous circle, the "Tummy Dedicated" Stomach massage balm" warms the whole body by moving the tummy, as the nutmeg warms the tummy.

◆ Ingredients and their functions
Warms the body, improves blood circulation, regulates menstrual disorders, promotes intestinal gas discharge, gastrointestinal conditioning, relaxing effect
Relieves pain, suppresses itching of the skin, measures against bronchial problems
[Winter green]
Relieves pain, eliminates swelling, and refreshes
Protects the skin from dryness
Moisturizing and softening skin

◆ Recommended "warmth" after "warmth"
・ Body stiffness ... As a massage balm that promotes blood circulation after taking a bath.
・ Numbness in the hands ... As a hand cream.
・ Cold toes and "tension" ... For the entire calf.

[Try to touch your stomach What is your stomach? ]
The ideal tummy is "very soft while having moderate elasticity".
Ideally, your stomach should be soft and warm like a baby like a freshly made rice cake.

What's your tummy? Check >>> here

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Those who have a cold stomach ・ Those who have slippery feet in the middle of the night ・ Those who have cold limbs

▶ ︎Experience guide
Apply and massage gently

▶ ︎ Fragrance
A refreshing system that gradually warms up


Original product name /
Reinan Mano Cream

Internal capacity/

Winter blue oil, holly oil, holly oil, petrolatum, lanolin

Producing area/
Hong Kong

How to use

◆ Tummy joyful "Stomach massage balm"  This massage is performed by lying down on a sofa or bed. You can leave it in your futon!
* If you feel "it hurts!" While massaging, loosen your strength and be careful not to press hard. Do not overdo it.

[Massage method]
Take an appropriate amount (1 spoon) on your palm and apply it evenly to your entire stomach.
Next, massage slowly with the palm of your hand as if stroking clockwise. (Approximately 9 times)
* It is recommended to use it after taking a bath when your body is warm.
* Massage the area around the navel with the belly of your hand in the shape of a "".
Moderate force stimulates the acupuncture points around the tummy and leads to communication.
* If you have menstrual cramps, it is recommended to massage each time you go to the bathroom.

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