Quick warm tea for cold season

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Petit Chinese medicine with immediate effect on "I'm going to catch a cold ..."
28 kinds of ingredients manage to do it!
Highly recommended for "workers" who are too busy to take a break from work.

Sachiko Voice

When I first came to Hong Kong, I often had a cold because I couldn't control my body temperature.

I went to the doctor every time I caught a cold, but the medical expenses were very high, I didn't know which hospital to go to, and I had a hard time finding a reliable doctor.
One day, when I was guiding customers at a travel agency that started working at that time, I was suddenly struck by chills.
At that time, my senior told me, "If you drink at the beginning of a cold, you will be fine the next day."
Immediately, I bought it at a pharmacy while the customer was shopping at a duty-free shop.
At the supper restaurant, I asked the waiter to make it and drank it.
To be honest, I was only expecting the effect of relaxation, but I was surprised because my head was refreshing three hours after I sent the customer to the hotel.
When I was happy to say, "It's 4000 years of history in China!", When I told a friend from Hong Kong, he said, "What did you do now?" And "common sense in Hong Kong." I was taught.

Description of item

Although Hong Kong is one of the most advanced cities in the world, it is a precious city that retains the good points from the old days, but there are still some that have become less well known due to the passage of time and the change of generations. It may be because it is not functional or it is time-consuming.

It has been reviewed recently.
"Quick warm tea for cold season" is one of them.
It is a regular medicine for families with grandmothers, and it is a Chinese herbal tea that is especially effective for the symptoms of colds accompanied by fever.
Moreover, each one is wrapped in a manual and is cute! We are proud of our absolute credibility for "Shindoi Day, which is unlikely to wake up tomorrow even if we go to bed early tonight".
Even if you feel sick and feel uncomfortable to sleep, drinking this will "melt the spiciness".

When my husband was young, he didn't like being taken by his grandmother and mother when he was about to get sick (even though he wasn't sick yet).
However, it seems that he started to make and drink by himself when he noticed that it was so effective.
After all, the wisdom of grandma and mother is amazing! Just sleep soundly after drinking.
This alone will rejuvenate you the next morning.
If you start catching a cold, you can always recover with one small box, and if it gets worse, you can recover with two small boxes for two days. (Survey by Yang family)

It's a fun Chinese tea that cures most colds in a single game.

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・ I'm going to catch a cold. If you think


Original product name /

Genyoshibayashi Mano Kanwa

Internal capacity/
68g per box (6.8g x 10 small boxes)

Atractylodes lanceolata, scutellaria baicalensis, scutellaria baicalensis, licorice, windbreak, yellow 芩, 梔子, gold and silver flower, kudzu root, scutellaria baicalensis, light bamboo leaf, green perilla, shiso leaf, shisokyo, wood gourd, scutellaria, scutellaria, Kuwaba, Kudingcha, Sawataki, Scutellaria baicalensis, Scutellaria baicalensis, Perilla frutescens, Scutellaria baicalensis, Yamaku, Huangren

Country of origin/
Hong Kong

How to eat

◆ Carefully ≪Boil and make≫
In a kettle or a small pot, add 300cc of water, crushed 2-3 pieces of ginger (or crushed 2 bundles of white onion) and "Quick warm tea for cold season".
Boil for 2-3 minutes on heat and strain with a tea strainer. Please enjoy while it is as hot as possible.
◆ Instant ≪Make with a mug≫
Put "Quick warm tea for cold season" in a mug, pour boiling hot water and steam for about 1 minute before drinking. You can add hot water and drink as many times as you like.
* Please adjust the amount of tea leaves according to your preference.
* In the case of Hiromi, half a small box of tea leaves is included.

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