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Hong Kong's classic, "a little slick" in everyday life
This is a "panacea to apply"! Anyway, if you apply it, it will be refreshing and refreshing! !!

Sachiko Voice

In Hong Kong, there are tons of Kore-based liquid ointments from various brands as a panacea.
That's why I've tried various things, such as "that, this, and that."
The points are size, odor and comfort.
When I noticed, I repeat this "lily oil" and always carry it with me.

The reason is

1) It's palm-sized, so you can put it in a small gap in the makeup pouch. 2) It has a long-lasting sensation. 3) It's dry and dry quickly.

This is because there is a unique point of lily oil.

Description of item

"Lily oil" mainly contains Chinese herbal aroma oil extracted from [Eucalyptus, menthol, camphor, winter green].

[Eucalyptus oil] that has the effect of relieving mental fatigue, nausea, nausea, and muscle pain.
It has the effect of preventing bacterial and toxic infections, and is effective against pulmonary tuberculosis, hypoglycemia, burns, mucositis, colds, asthma, and rheumatism.

While activating and refreshing the work of the brain, it works on respiratory problems such as stuffy nose and throat discomfort [Menthol oil]
It is good for refreshing, caring, promoting digestion, and getting breasts, and is also effective for fatigue, migraine, asthma, and bronchitis.

[Camphor oil] that works to condition skin problems and oily skin
It has the effect of providing stability and strength to the mind while refreshing the head. It has the effect of stopping pain and promoting blood circulation, and is suitable for body massage. It also has an insect repellent effect.

It has a pain-relieving effect as well as a function to improve concentration [Winter Green Oil]
It has a function to calm and rejuvenate the mind and body, is easily absorbed by the skin, and is effective for muscle pain, headache, rheumatism, etc.

In Hong Kong, "lily oil", which is a household medicine and is a very common necessity in bags, is a multi-functional Chinese herbal aroma oil.
When you feel sick while walking in a crowd, have a migraine headache, or have a stiff neck or shoulders when you are staring at your computer, and you feel a little sick in your daily life. Please use it.
The refreshing sensation permeates not only from the applied part but also into the body every time you breathe, and your mind and body will be refreshed in no time.
It's not sticky and it's refreshing to use.

Get great relaxation from a small palm-sized bottle of "lily oil".

"Hanasu Sue ( With a refreshing nose)
It is an item that can be inserted into the nose to take a deep breath and eliminate the stuffy nose.
I would like to introduce it because it is useful in many other ways.

Hanas Sue: Menthol, Eucalyptus, Matsuba oil, Lavender

Instantaneous stink measures:
Measures against irresistible stink odors. When I thought, "Wow! I can't wait.", Insert it into your nose and take a deep breath. Then, the unpleasant odor will not bother you with one shot.

Strong drowsiness awakening:
If you suddenly get drowsy while working or driving a car, insert it into your nose and take a deep breath. Then, you will be notified of your awakening in no time.

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ People with headache, neck stiffness, shoulder stiffness ・ People who are prone to motion sickness and crowded sickness ・ People who wear masks frequently

▶ ︎Experience guide
Immediately feel "Soo" with the scent and experience "Soo" slowly

▶ ︎ Fragrance
Mint scent


Original product name /
White tile lily oil, refreshing nose

Internal capacity/
Lily oil: 10 ml x 6
Hanas Sue: 1 bottle

Lily oil: eucalyptus oil, menthol oil, menthol, camphor oil, winter green oil
Hanas Sue: Menthol, Eucalyptus, Matsuba oil, Lavender

Country of origin/
Lily Oil: Hong Kong
Hanas Sue: China

How to use

If you are stiff or tired: Apply directly to the area.
When used as a pain reliever: For headaches, apply along the temples and hairline. For toothache, apply it to the surface of the skin where it hurts so that it penetrates into the toothache.
If you feel unwell: Drop a drop on the tissue and inhale the scent.
When using for a mask: Drop a few drops directly on the mask and allow it to dry before use.
If you start catching a cold or have a cough: Fill a bowl with hot water, drop about 5 drops, and inhale the steam.
When using for insect repellent: Apply to areas where you do not want to be stung.

[How to use "Hanasu"]
Hold one nose, insert it into the other nostril, and inhale as if you were taking a deep breath.
Do the same for the nostrils on the other side.
* If you are using for the first time, do not take a deep breath, but take a slow breath while watching the situation.


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