[Hong Kong Feng Shui] fortune food

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A little addition of energy and luck, natural seasoning
Get a healthy constitution and a good luck constitution from inside the body

Sachiko Voice

In Hong Kong, which is the same source of medicine and food, there are many delicious and healthy ingredients to eat.
I chose this "[Hong Kong Feng Shui] fortune food" from among them.
Cordyceps militaris, a high-class medical food source, is a mushroom that parasitizes moth larvae, but its vegetarian version, Cordyceps militaris, is 100% plant, even though it has power that is as close as possible to Cordyceps militaris, so it is not scary! It is gaining popularity.
Personally, this "[Hong Kong Feng Shui] fortune food" has a great taste as a dried mushroom! I feel that.
Whether you put it in fried rice, yakisoba, stir-fried vegetables, or soup, the taste will be upgraded.
I think the best point is that you can get good luck and health effects at the same time with umami.

Description of item

Cordyceps militaris is a member of mushrooms and tastes like mushrooms.
It is nutritious and works on anti-aging and immunity.
Soup is "golden" and in Feng Shui it means good luck, talent and a challenge to new things.
In addition to caterpillar acid (D-mannitol), SOD (superoxide dismutase), caterpillar polysaccharide (BD-glucan), caterpillar fungus (cordycepin), more than 20 kinds of minerals and 18 kinds of amino acids are healthy. Work on luck.



For men

For Women


"Caterpillar acid" is a component called D-mannitol and is said to have a vasodilatory effect.
It dilates the coronary arteries that nourish and feed the heart, increasing the amount of blood carried to the heart.
It has also been reported that educulic acid has a blood pressure lowering effect, a prevention of angina pectoris and myocardial infarction, a hematopoietic effect, and an effect of preventing the condensation of platelets that form blood clots (thrombus) in blood vessels. 

 Adult disease prevention

 Beautiful skin

Superoxide Dismutase = SOD

Cordyceps militaris is rich in natural reactive oxygen species (SOD).
It is said that active enzymes accelerate aging and are greatly related to health, but Cordyceps militaris has the function of eliminating unnecessary active enzymes produced in the body. 

Adult disease


Cordyceps polysaccharide

Cordyceps militaris contains the same polysaccharides that are contained in mushrooms (Agaricus mushrooms).
In addition, (BD-Gurgan) is a component that enhances immune function, which enhances immunity and protects the body from various diseases. 

Cancer prevention
Allergy measures (pollen allergy, etc.)

Beautiful skin
Atopy measures

More than 20 types

Cordyceps militaris is rich in minerals that increase the body's immunity and make it harder for people to get lifestyle-related diseases and cancer. In particular, "selenium" is thought to be associated with selenium deficiency in many diseases such as cancer prevention and suppression, diabetes, heart disease anemia, and cataracts. 

Immortality and longevity

Promotion of skin metabolism

18 types
amino acid

Amino acids are nutritional components that are the source of life and maintain various functions of the body. Cordyceps militaris is rich in natural amino acids that have no side effects.
In particular, it contains a large amount of aspartic acid, glutamic acid, serine, threonine, glycine, and alanine, which are not contained in other vegetables and mushrooms. 

Body building

Creating beautiful skin


Cordesepine is called (insect herb) in Chinese and is a natural antibiotic but an immunopotentiator. In recent years, attention has been focused on the mysterious medicinal effects of Entomopathogenic fungi, including Cordyceps sinensis, in Japan and Western countries, and research on antitumor, antibacterial, blood pressure lowering, antistress, and improvement of motor function has been promoted, and the whole picture is gradually being expanded. It's becoming clear.

Strengthening constitution
Allergy measures (pollen allergy, etc.)
Improvement of motor function

Measures against petit depression
Atopy measures

I want to get luck!
I want to improve my immunity!
I want to improve my constitution!

It is recommended for such people, "[Hong Kong Feng Shui] fortune food".

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ People who want to improve their luck ・ People who want to improve their immunity, improve their constitution, and prevent lifestyle-related diseases ・ People who don't like supplements but want to take in something that is good for their health

▶ ︎Experience guide

▶ ︎ Fragrance
Mushroom scent


Internal capacity/
1g per bag

100% cordyceps militaris

Country of origin/
China (Jiangsu Province)

How to use

Since it has umami, it can be used as a soup stock or ingredient instead of energy drinks and tea.

* As an energy drink *
Put 2 to 5 cordyceps militaris (depending on your preference) in a mug and pour boiling water.
Please enjoy when the hot water turns golden.

* As an ingredient *
If you like, you can enjoy it deliciously with stir-fried vegetables, chawanmushi, cooked rice, and miso soup.

* Each of the "[Hong Kong Feng Shui] fortune food" cultivated in a hygienic environment has its own individual shape, and there are large and small ones, thick ones and thin ones.

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