Madame Pearl's BreathEasy Patch

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Good night patch to refresh your nose
Just stick it on your pajamas! A savior when suffering from stuffy nose or coughing.

Sachiko Voice

"Madame Pearl's BreathEasy Patch" is used when you go to bed at night due to a cold or allergies, your nose becomes clogged and you feel suffocated, or your cough does not stop.
There have been such medicines before, but most of them are applied directly to the skin, and I think that people with weak skin or those who are concerned about stickiness may hesitate to apply them.
However, this is just stuck on the chest of the pajamas.
So to speak, "a cold countermeasure version of the patch".
Because it does not contain hacker or ginger, which are typical ingredients that make you breathe.
The package says that it is less irritating. In addition, it is made in Italy.
If you have a stuffy nose someday, use it! I was looking forward to the day.
Actually, I wrote this manuscript in Tokyo, where I was on a business trip, but it suddenly became cold in Tokyo from yesterday evening, and I feel sick.
This time I'm coming to talk, so I'm having a lot of trouble with my throat. In addition, the secretary who accompanies him also makes me squirm.
I usually pay attention to the fact that I can't manage my physical condition, but this time I was a little happy.
After all, you can finally use "Madame Pearl's BreathEasy Patch".
I'm excited to open the patch for individual wrapping.
The scent that drifts as soon as it is opened is certainly not mentha, but a mixture of eucalyptus, thyme, and pine essence oil.
It has a gentle scent as if you were doing aromatherapy.
It's about twice the size of a mosquito repellent patch, and feels like a sheet mask that sticks to your face.
It seems that the smell can be maintained for 8 hours after opening.
I took a bath, put on my pajamas, put a patch on my chest, and went to bed.
After a while, the futon was filled with the scent of patches.
You can sleep soundly without being aware of it, and the sore throat feels refreshed.
Use it every night for a few days! I thought.
And as for my secretary, the stuffy nose had disappeared brilliantly.
I was always happy that my nose was followed by a fever, but I was able to recover without a fever.
I think the mucous membrane of the nose can also relieve the pain of sensitive people.
Let's add it to the emergency medicine pouch for business trips! It is an item that I decided.

Description of item

If you have a cold or allergies and you go to bed at night, your nose may become clogged and you may have difficulty breathing, or you may not be able to stop coughing.
In such a case, not only is it painful, but sleep time is reduced, so it is often very painful.
In such a case, how about this help item for a good night's sleep [don't drink, don't apply]?
A palm-sized white patch.
As soon as you open the bag containing each of them, you can smell the aroma of eucalyptus and pine oil.
And since the scent lasts for 8 hours, you can spend a good night's time comfortably.
Stimulation was suppressed by not using the standard mint and camphor for throat items.
Also, since it is used by sticking it on the chest of pajamas instead of using it directly on the skin, you do not have to worry about the stickiness that is often found in products that are directly applied to the skin.
It can be used by children, those with sensitive skin, and those with sensitive skin.
It's easy to carry around, so it's a perfect item to add to your travel emergency pouch.
Made in Italy. It is a Chinese medicine of.
How about watermelon frost as one help item for each person?

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Those who have a hard throat and nose ・ Those who think that they have caught a cold ・ Those who do not stop coughing at dawn

▶ ︎Experience guide

▶ ︎ Fragrance
<Before use>
A scent of eucalyptus and pine oil mixed <after use>
Almost no scent remains


Original product name /
Mrs. Nose sticking

Internal capacity/
(Three individually packaged items, 1 bag x 3 bags) x 3 boxes (27 times)

Eucalyptus oil, thyme oil, pine oil

Country of origin/

How to use

Just stick one on your pajamas chest before going to bed.

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