Pure natural hair shampoo powder

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Tsubakikasu to solve itching of the scalp
Perhaps the cause of hair loss, thinning hair, itching and inflammation is the chemical shampoo.

Sachiko Voice

Grandpa and grandma say, "I've been shampooing with Tsubakikasu since I was born."
Everyone, my hair is bushy and there are few white hairs.
It is important to continue using Tsubakikasu! I really felt it.

Description of item

"Even if I pay attention to how to use shampoo and how to wash it, itching does not go away ...".
Would you like to review the shampoo itself?

The shampoo we are using now. It has a lot of bubbles and smells good.
do you know?
It foams a lot because it contains a chemical surfactant, and it smells good because it contains a chemical fragrance.

And the reason it doesn't rot even if you leave it in the bathroom all the time is because it contains chemical preservatives.

Chemical shampoo may be the cause of scalp and hair problems.
Itching of the scalp not only causes stress in daily life, but also causes thinning and loss of hair.
Careful use and selection of shampoo should improve the symptoms of itching.
In Yunnan, where Tsubakikas is produced, the hair of the people who live there, saying, "I have been shampooing with Tsubakikasu since I was born," is bushy, black, shiny, healthy and rich. is.

"Pure natural hair shampoo powder" continues to be used in Yunnan Province.It is a shampoo powder .
It's just a bag of dried and powdered camellia oleifera (Camellia oleifera).
The ingredients are natural * surfactant "saponin", so bubbles do not form so much.
The scent is rather the scent of wood. No additives, no coloring, no preservatives.
The natural surfactant "saponin" has been used as a shampoo for a long time because it dissolves in water and foams.

Why don't you restore healthy scalp and hair with Tsubakikasu, a new hair washing method that has been handed down for a long time?

* What is a surfactant? A surfactant is a substance that can blend water and air, and water and oil, which have properties that are not normally mixed with each other. It uses the function of mixing water and oil, which should not be mixed, to take dirt into the water and remove it.

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Those who have itching on the scalp ・ Those who want to stay black and bushy even as they get older ・ Those who really want to use natural shampoo and conditioner
・ For those who have hair dyeing

▶ ︎Experience guide
When the previously used shampoo or conditioner has been completely washed away


Original product name /
Tea powder

Internal capacity/

100% of Camellia oleifera (Camellia) fruit, bag: non-woven fabric

Producing area/

How to use

◆ Easy to make (single usage, all)
1. Put "100% Tsubakikasu hair wash powder for hair loss, thinning hair, itchiness and inflammation" in a washbasin with boiling water at 80 ℃ for 2 glasses.
2. Add water until it reaches a temperature that you can touch with your hands, and loosen it.

The active ingredient (brown) comes in the water. This is a natural shampoo ingredient.
Please use it as a shampoo and conditioner.
After removing the hair-washing ingredients, "Tsubakikasu" can be used to wash the body like a shampoo bag.
* Other details on how to make and use are described in the manual. ..

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