100-year-old gou, Taiwado Kusemaru

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100 Years of Sticking to Cough
Concon, zeze, kenken... Just drink 3 times a day.

Sachiko Voice

China is a country of traditional Chinese medicine, but people who come to Hong Kong from China
Buy it in Hong Kong.
The reason is that there are many fakes in China.

Among the things I buy and take home, I can say that it is almost always included,
This "・100 Year Old Gou・Taiwado Kusemaru".
In 1909, Dr. Taihe Jing, a Chinese doctor, started sales in Guangzhou.
It has a history of moving its headquarters to Hong Kong in 1961.

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Description of item

Types of cough include dry cough "konkon", sputum entwined "wheezing",
There is a "Ken-Ken" like a dog barking.
"・Hundred Year Old Gou・Taiwado Kusegan" is OK for any cough and any phlegm.

Even in Hong Kong, it is hardly advertised,
The fact that it is so popular among tourists that they buy it as an adult is evidence of the authenticity of “・Hundred Year Old Gou・Taiwado Kusemaru”.

▶︎Recommended for
・Those who are concerned about coughing


Original product name/
Taiwado Kuseomaru

Internal capacity/
60 grains

licorice, bellflower, purple berry, citrus peel, cloud lily, Zhebei mother, dry ginseng, cinnamon, white bean sprouts

Country of origin/
Hong Kong

How to use

3 times daily: 10 tablets for adults, 6 tablets for children under 16 years old, 2 tablets for children under 2 years old.
Enjoy with plenty of room temperature water.

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