Do my best eye cream

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Eye cream for the eyes and around the eyes

Attack the eye mask area where you can easily get older!

Sachiko Voice

● Do my best eye cream ●
An eye cream used for the "eye mask range" that covers the acupoints around the eyes.
We are particular about moisturizing and protecting the "eye mask range" with a veil-like thinness that is familiar even though it has richness, so please use up one bottle anyway.
Since it contains exquisite ingredients, it is placed in a stable glass bottle.

Description of item

● The eye mask area is the correct answer for proper care! ●
The correct answer is to apply eye cream to the inner and outer corners of the eyes and upper and lower eyelids, but to the eye mask area (eyebrows, cheekbones, temples).

"Do my best eye cream" can be used in a wide range of "plenty" to deliver exactly to the problems around the eyes. 

● For even more congratulatory beauty! ●

If you massage with "Do my best eye massager", an eye massager that you definitely want to recommend, it will be even more patchy!

There are two types of massage.
There are ≪Health Oshishi Method≫ and ≪Cosmetology Round and Round Method≫. You can use it properly depending on the patch you are aiming for.

"Do my best eye massager" can also be used as a spatula.

Click here for detailed massage method

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Those who feel that they cannot be laughed at by “laughing” wrinkles ・ Those who feel gravity on the eyelids (especially on the outer corners of the eyes) ・ Those who are becoming more self-assertive under the eyes

▶ ︎Experience guide
"Patchy" while using

▶ ︎ Fragrance
Floral system that feels nostalgic cosmetics


Original product name /
Italian special effect wrinkle eye plaster

Internal capacity/

Distilled water, placenta extract, ginseng extract, BG, stearyl alcohol, monoglyceride, collagen extract, hyaluronic acid, carbomer

Producing area/

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How to use

Please use it on clean skin after washing your face.
It is recommended to use it at the very end of daily care such as lotion.

After spreading one pearl (one eye) of "Do my best eye cream" evenly on the eye mask area, gently massage it from the inside to the outside with the ring finger.
Furthermore, it is effective to tap gently so that it penetrates into the skin.

[Recommended eye massager]
" Do my best eye massager " for beauty and health of eye mask aeria

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