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Toki, Notoginseng keeps scalp and hair healthy
To all the girls who feel their hair is thin

Sachiko Voice

[Hair curing It is important to improve blood circulation]
In traditional Chinese medicine, hair is also called "blood", as was the case with old commercials.
When you are young, you can have shiny and heavy black hair without doing anything.
However, as we get older, we need to take proper care of our hair for aging care.
Anyway, you should use shampoos and treatments that "work".
Notoginseng, Toki, and carrots are perfect for menopausal women.

Description of item

Hair problems related to "thinning hair" are very serious for women.
And the reality is that hair gets thinner with age, as if it were proportional to your worries.

Are there any events that apply?
□ Hair is getting thinner and easier to cut □ The volume of the top is lonely compared to when I was younger □ I feel that the whiteness of the hair part has become wider and more noticeable □ After shampoo , I feel that the number of "hair donuts" that can be made in drains has increased.

This "[Chinese herbs] Hair shampoo" was conceived for women's hair.
Contains ingredients for hair and scalp, Tasana (37), Toki, and carrots.

With this one 1. Skin cleansing (cleansing the scalp)
2. 2. Hair washing (cleaning hair)
3. 3. Nourishes the scalp (keeps the scalp and hair healthy)
I can do it.
* Refer to how to use

Hair is also called blood clot and is considered to be part of the blood.
And the internal organs most closely related to this blood are said to be the "liver".
The "liver" is a reservoir of blood and at the same time promotes blood circulation and activates metabolism throughout the body.

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
Those who want to thicken their hair・ Those who feel that their hair is thin and easy to cut ・ Those who think that the volume of their hair has become lonely ・ Those who think that the parting of their hair has become more noticeable ・ After shampooing Those who are worried about hair loss in drains
▶ ︎Experience guide
As you continue to use it, you should feel the difference in the gloss and elasticity of your hair.
▶ ︎ Fragrance
Slightly Chinese medicine


Original product name /
Notoginseng Panax notoginseng

Internal capacity/

Water, AES, Angelica acutiloba extract, Panax notoginseng extract, BS-12, cocamide MEA, water-soluble lanolin fat

How to use

■ [Chinese herbs] Hair curing shampoo

[Frequency of shampoo]
Middle-aged and older people can wash their hair about once every two to three days!

[Recommended shampoo method]
・ It is recommended to warm up in a bathtub before washing your hair. It opens pores and makes it easier to remove dirt.
・ Pre-wash (wash out dust and dirt on your hair with hot water of about 40 degrees Celsius).
Pre-washing after careful combing makes it easier to remove dirt and promotes blood circulation.
" Deep cleansing comb " is recommended for combing.
・ Take the shampoo in your hand, spread it on your palm, and then apply it to your hair.
・ Wash your hair and scalp as if you massage your scalp with the pad of your finger without raising your nails.
・ Rinse thoroughly with hot water of about 40 degrees Celsius.

* Don't leave your hair wet *
The cuticle is most easily peeled off when the hair is wet, so by applying cold air to the cuticle, which is easily peeled off by washing the hair, the cuticle will be tightened and less painful.
After towel-drying, use a hair dryer, keep it about 10 cm away from your hair, and use warm air for 5 minutes. Then let it dry for 1 minute with cold air.

[Recommended treatment]
De-petanko hair " [Chinese herbs] Hair treatment "

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