[Healthy skin] Genome® GG Skin care set

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Aim for healthy skin in any condition
People who use it often ask me, "Do you have steroids?", But they don't contain any!

Sachiko Voice

"In my 50s, I have never had healthy skin since I was a new employee."

"26 years old, 26 years of unhealthy skin history"
"14 years old who do not want to go on a school trip"
"26 years old when my boyfriend told me it was dirty!"
"I can't sleep because I'm scratching"
"When I wake up in the morning, my 20s have white dandruff-like powder on their pillowcases and sheets."
"The soles of the elbows, the soles of the knees, the insteps, and the shins are always red, 4 years old."
"18 years old who wants to make up"
We continued to receive tragic consultations from many people with skin problems.
Skin problems get worse and worse because they scratch unknowingly.
As long as you don't scratch, your feelings and skin will calm down first.
I have been prescribing and searching for various medicines to make healthy skin. Certainly, it was effective.
However, for those who know the immediate effects of steroids, there were many negative points such as being troublesome to use and being unbearable because it took too long.
We received various voices and thought, "I want to make something that feels like a steroid but does not use steroids!", So I made this set.

Description of item

"What is the health of your skin?"
"There is nothing to worry about" that can be said for the health of the whole body.

This "Genome® GG Lotion" was created by all the seniors and juniors of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine pharmacists, skin care research institute engineers, and people with [skin problems] around Yang Sachiko. It is "Genome® GG Mist".

It was created by combining the technology of Chinese medicine cosmetology and the latest technology to [focus on the health of the skin not only on the face but also on the whole body].

[Skin that can be seen by humans]
The aim was not only to "get rid of itching" but also to gain "confidence that it is okay for people to see it".

First of all, release from the painful "scratch" and "sleeplessness". and,
・ Condition the skin. Prevents rough skin. Tighten the skin. Condition the skin.
・ Softens the skin. Gives skin elasticity. Gives skin a shine. Smooths the skin.
・ Keeps the skin healthy. Moisturizes the skin.
・ Supplement and maintain skin moisture and oil. Keeps the skin soft.
・ Protect the skin. Prevents dry skin.
That is the basics of royal road skin care .

The points when using it are: ◆ Spray mist and then apply lotion ◆ Apply to clean skin ◆ Make sure that it has penetrated the applied skin properly * "How to use described in the instruction manual for details" Please confirm


▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Those who have itchy skin ・ Those who have rough skin ・ Those who want to get rid of their skin ・ Those who have given up on their bare skin ・ Those who cannot give up

▶ ︎Experience guide
The next day at the earliest

▶ ︎ Fragrance
Slightly Chinese medicine


Original product name /

Genome® GG Skin care set

Internal capacity/
Genome® GG Lotion: 30g
Genome® GG Mist: 60ml

[Genome® GG Lotion]
Water, earthen skin, snake bed, ringworm, ringworm, peach, chlorhexidine, graphene (charcoal)
[Genome® GG Mist]
Water, graphene (charcoal)

Country of origin/
Hong Kong

How to use

1. After cleaning the skin, spray "Genome® Mist" once or twice.

2. Spread an appropriate amount of "Genome® GG Lotion" evenly on top of it. 3. Make sure that it penetrates into the applied skin and that it is moisturized. 4. After confirming that it has penetrated firmly. please wear clothes

* It will be more effective if you prepare "food". Avoid crustaceans, spicy foods, alcohol, eggs and dairy products to be effective.

please note

* Since it has a very high penetrating power, it may be a little irritating.

* Please check the usage instructions described in the instruction manual. * We do not recommend using it with skin care products or ointments other than "[Healthy skin] Genome® GG Skin care set".

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