[Purification Good Luck] Ryukyu Namekag (20 pieces)

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Natural incense powder, ancient incense, additive-free incense
1 hour burn time and high-quality natural incense for a cleansing and relaxing space

Sachiko Voice

Dragon saliva is naturally excreted by sperm whales.
Because most can only be obtained by chance,
It is extremely rare and valuable, and is one of the highest quality incense products.
Adding incense such as agarwood and sandalwood to the dragonfly incense,
It was created in the shape of a dragon,
This is ``[Purification Good Luck] Ryuzan Meiko .''

Each one is in a case.
This case has a role as a case,
It serves as a plate for burning incense comfortably and safely.

The diameter is about 4cm,
You can slowly smell the incense over an hour.
Even after the incense has disappeared, the room remains filled with its scent for a while.

I would like to explain the scent.
All I can say is that it is a scent that creates the most cleansing and healing space you have ever smelled.

What is “[Purification Good Luck] Ryurinaka”?

◆“[Purification Good Luck] Ryukyu Nameka” which is particular about the material, manufacturing method, and shape◆
Be particular about the material
It is made from wood incense, agarwood, etc., and the very valuable dragonfly.
Focus on manufacturing methods
No binder ingredients are used, and the product is compressed and molded under high pressure.
Pay attention to shape
It has a unique shape that looks like a cloud wrapped around a dragon, which is unusual for incense.

◆``[Purification good luck] Dragon's favorite incense'' fragrance pyramid◆
``[Purification good luck] Dragon's name incense'' changes over time to the top note, middle note, and last note.
The scent changes in 3 stages.

Top note: Ocean scent Middle note: Woody scent Last note: Fruity scent

◆This is amazing! Please note that◆
This place is amazing!

  • They are individually packaged and each one is lined with a fireproof sheet, so there is no need to prepare an incense burner or fireproof container.
  • Although it is small at 4 cm square, it has a maximum burning time of about 1 hour (in windless conditions).
  • The scent also lingers after burning.

please note

  • Because no binder is used during molding, it easily loses its shape if it comes into contact with moisture.
  • It is also not suitable for storage in high humidity areas.

What is incense?

◆There is [Kojutoku] which talks about the function of incense◆
[1] Senses Demonic God Senses are sharpened like a Demonic God

[2] Clean mind, mind, and body are purified.

[3] Eliminate dirt and grime

[4] Nocturnal sleep wakes up sleepiness

[5] Narutomo Shizunaka becomes your soulmate even when you are alone

[6] Gives you relaxation even when you are busy

[7] It doesn't get in the way even if there are a lot of things.

[8] Maintains fragrance even if it is sparse

[9] Kuzo Immortal Will not rot even if stored for a long time

[10] No harm caused by regular use.

*[Kojutoku] refers to the usefulness and excellent properties of incense.
Huang Tingjing (1045.8.9-1105.5.24) of the Song Dynasty in China,
It is written in four kanji characters and ten terms.
What made this [Kojutoku] famous in Japan was
It was written by Ikkyu Sojun (Ikkyu-san), a high priest of the Zen sect during the Muromachi period.

◆Effects of incense◆
good luck
It is said that the purifying properties of incense can dispel negative energy and bring good luck.
If you use it in the toilet or entrance where evil spirits tend to accumulate,
The yin air will be purified and good luck will come to you more easily.

purification action
Incense has been used around the world since ancient times, and its original role is to purify space.
The scent, fire, and smoke have the effect of removing evil spirits and negative energy from the space.

Relax & reduce stress
Incense has healing and sedative effects.
It has a relaxing and stress-relieving effect.

All the ingredients are natural scents, and just looking at the smoke drifting in the space calms your mind and gives you a peaceful feeling.

This has the effect of suppressing odors by allowing smoke and fragrance to waft into the space.

▶︎Recommended for times like these
・When you want to improve your luck, when you want to purify, before going to bed, when relaxing, during yoga or stretching time, etc.

How to use

[1] Ignite the “[Purification Good Luck] Dragon Incense”. (Please be careful not to get burned)
[2] Wait for a while until the ignition subsides (until combustion starts).
[3] Place it on the included fireproof sheet or your own incense burner and enjoy the scent.


[1] Please be careful when handling fire.
[2] Do not leave your eyes unattended during combustion.
[3] Please be especially careful if you have small children or pets in your home.


Internal capacity/
20 pieces

Ryūrei, Insho budsho, Dan incense, Agarwood, Elm bark, Ryuno

Producing area/

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