Make own eyelash essence

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Eyelash hair restorer for Chinese recipes.
Transform into eyelashes that you don't have to add or apply!

Sachiko Voice

The point of the popular eye makeup is long and abundant eyelashes.
The lashes are long, but if the lashes are long and abundant, the eyes will look big and the face will look absolutely cute.
I understand that well, but even if I'm happy that it looks big with make-up, it looks like a Cinderella pumpkin carriage when I remove the make-up, and I don't like it! was.
What I found there was the Make own eyelash essence.
The history of 4,000 years in China is really deep, as there is even a hair-growth liquid for eyelashes that makes full use of Chinese herbs! is.

Description of item

The long, dense lashes are a barometer of women's power.
The presence of eyes fringed by beautiful and rich eyelashes certainly affects the degree of beauty.
That's why eyelash extensions and false eyelashes are about to go beyond the boom and become part of the lives of beautiful women, like nail care.
I want to have long and dense eyelashes! ] The Takaka brand challenges the endless desire for women's beauty. By making full use of the power of Chinese medicine, we have conducted research to obtain the beauty of appearance by energizing the real eyelashes themselves, not the beauty of hiding or adding.
And, this eyelash nourishing agent "Make own eyelash essence" was born.
High-grade Chinese medicine, Notoginseng extract, works on the eyelashes themselves and the roots of the eyelashes.
By continuing to use it every day, you can grow your lashes and grow them into lustrous, bushy and beautiful lashes. It is recommended not only for those who originally have thin or short eyelashes, but also for those who have thinned or shortened eyelashes due to extension of eyelashes, glue used for false eyelashes, or overuse of mascara. !!

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Those who want to increase the density of eyelashes ・ Those who want to make their eyes look bigger ・ Those who want to add eyelashes

▶ ︎Experience guide

▶ Fragrance ︎
Chinese scent (almost no scent remains after use)



Original product name /
Noble flower eyelash growth

Internal capacity/

Cordyceps sinensis, Yam, Yangju flower, Blood supplement, Cinnamon, Reishi, Tanachi, Tiger, Licorice, Hippocampus, Medicinal carrot

Producing area/

How to use

Order of use Cleansing → Face wash [→] Toner → Essence → Milky lotion → Cream → Makeup After washing your face, do not apply anything to your skin.
* Please use the brush that comes with the eyelash essence cap.

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