To become the person you want to be, "Good luck hand belt" 2024 Good luck color Ver.

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Be what you want to be! A hand belt that supports
We support those who have desires (goals) that they would like to achieve in 2024!

Sachiko Voice

I always think, ``You can't become what you want to be unless you want to be.''
And I believe that if you work hard towards what you want to be, you can achieve it.
By being aware of your own thoughts and spending each day
[The power of thoughts] will become a lot.
The ``good fortune obi'' is what motivates you to do that.
Wear yellow (golden yellow), the good luck color for 2024 , and have a year full of good things!

Description of item

I saw an old lady making it in a town in Taiwan,
We talked about a lot of things and we hit it off, so I decided to give it to him.

The great thing about this “good fortune belt” is that
1. Each piece was woven by hand by grandmothers praying for ``good luck and the fulfillment of wishes of those around them.''
2. Colored threads based on Feng Shui are used to symbolize the various things you want to become.
3. Free size, can be made larger or smaller to suit the wrist circumference of the user.
No matter how large or small it becomes, its shape must remain circular (edge).

And ``body soap that washes away evil spirits.''
When you say "yuzu leaf" in Hong Kong and Macau, everyone knows it.
When you want to pray for happiness, when you wish for good luck,
When you want to change your luck (better luck) or remove evil spirits,
Something you wash your hands and body with when you want to remove impurities.
This body soap contains the essence of ``Yuzu Leaf''.

◆This is what Koshin will be like in 2024! ◆
[Kinoe Tatsu]: The bud of success grows and changes its appearance.
The year 2024 is the 41st year of the zodiac.
Koshin, which is one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, is
"Ko" is the first of the ten kanji,
This is the year when the ``Tatsu'', the fifth of the zodiac, overlaps.

The twelve signs of the zodiac and ten zodiac signs are not only numbers and directions, but also each have their own meanings.
For example, "Ko" has the first place and indicates superiority, as well as
It represents a large tree that stands tall and tall.
"Tatsu" means the dragon, the only fictional creature among the zodiac.
Dragons have been worshiped as gods of water and the sea.
It symbolizes the dynamic movement of nature that causes natural phenomena such as tornadoes and lightning.
"When a dragon appears, something auspicious will happen."
There are legends such as "good luck" and "don't worry about money".
And Koshin, which is a combination of these two,
It will be a year of rapid growth as we rise and gain momentum.
For some people, it is a year when what they have continued to learn and acquire for the future will bud and bear fruit.
Some people may not be able to see the buds sprouting, but it looks like this will be a year in which they can steadily grow them into something solid beneath the surface.

According to Feng Shui, the world of [ Ninth Luck : 2024-2044] is said to be as follows.
[1] When the aviation industry (flying cars, drone delivery, space industry, etc.) will develop
[2] An era in which middle-aged women are active
[3] An era in which virtual space, or metaverse, develops
[4] Companies and industries rise and fall as times change.

◆Meaning of 6 colors for good luck◆
●Decision red (work luck)
●Blue timing (purification luck)
●Relaxing green color (healthy luck)
●Yellow for encounters (social luck)
●Starting white color (financial luck)
●Golden challenge (money luck)

◆Pearl is used for the clasp◆
Pearl jewel words ``health'', ``longevity'', ``wealth'', ``happiness''.
・ It is a power stone that cleanses negative emotions and evil spirits.
・It is also used to relieve mental fatigue.
・A talisman that enhances your inner beauty.
- Helps create an atmosphere of elegance.

▶︎Recommended for these people
・Those who wish for a fresh start ・Those who wish for happiness for themselves and those related to them ・Those who wish for happiness in their current situation

▶︎Estimated experience
The sooner the better!

Body soap that washes away evil spirits: Refreshing


Internal capacity/
Good luck belt x1
Body soap that washes away evil spirits 15ml x 1

・Good luck belt: Cotton, polyester ・Pearl ・Body soap to wash away evil spirits: Yuzu leaf extract, licorice extract, chrysanthemum extract, tea tree extract

Country of origin/

How to use

When wearing the ``Good Fortune Belt'' for the first time, please cleanse your body with the included ``body soap that washes away evil spirits''.
From the second time onwards, you can use your own soap.

1. After applying it all over your body from head to toe,
Add hot water little by little to create a lather and rinse thoroughly.
2. Hold the ``good fortune obi'' and recite your name, date of birth, address, and your wishes.
Please wear it on the wrist that is not your active arm.
3. If you wear a watch, please wear it on the inside of the watch.
Four. You can make as many wishes as you like, but please say the same wish in the same way each time.
*Details are described in the attached instruction manual.

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