Traditional hair removal machine

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Old normal line beauty that anyone can easily do at home
Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Property. Get rid of the hair you care about with a thread and get a shining white lucky bare skin!

Sachiko Voice

In 2014, [Line] was certified as a Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Property.
At that time, I also learned that the number of line teachers is decreasing.
When I was watching carefully while walking in the city, I also noticed that there was no grandmother's line teacher.
I thought it was sad that tradition was gone.
Then I came up with the idea of ​​becoming a line master! was.
So I asked my favorite line teacher, Chen's mother-in-law, to teach me.
After about half a year, I started to be told, "If you work harder, you will be able to have a shop!"
However, I feel that Chen's mother-in-law's "more" is more than a yearly unit.
It's a true story like a lie, but the first thing I realized when I was able to do it to some extent was the reality that no matter how much I improved as a line teacher, I couldn't do it myself!
Because the line surface requires both hands and a mouth. Well, you can't do it yourself.
As the days of disappointment continued, I found a "line machine".
If it is a line machine, you can do it yourself.
When I researched various things, I found that there were various types of batteries, such as those with or without batteries.
It's convenient not to need batteries! I thought, but when I tried using it, all of the line machines that did not require batteries were strange.
The line machine with batteries has been given a boost. It's very good, so I will introduce it this time.
It's not as good as the skills that grandma and Chen's daughter have cultivated over the years, but I feel that they are better than I am.
Even though it is a battery-powered machine, you can experience the same feeling as a [line surface] where a person moves a thread.

Description of item

Hong Kong beauty with beautiful skin
The line surface is a method of removing hair using threads.
The hair is entwined between the twisted threads and pulled out, and the hair and excess keratin are removed, the pores are tightened, and the face becomes brighter.
It also has the effect of preventing acne and pimples and gradually thinning unwanted hair.
This "old normal beauty" has a long history and is designated as an intangible cultural property in Hong Kong.
In addition, as a good luck beauty, there is a tradition of brightening the face on the line and calling for happiness, and in the past, we opened the face at the time of the wedding ceremony and prayed for the happiness of the bride.
Nowadays, it is not only used for traditional wedding ceremonies, but also as one of the beauty methods for maintaining beautiful skin, and it is spreading as [Threading] in Europe and the United States, which are strongly nature-oriented.
The "Traditional hair removal machine" is a set that allows you to easily experience such traditional lines at home at any time.

Line surface effect
① Makes your skin bright and transparent ② Makes pores less noticeable ③ Makes acne less likely ④ Lifts up ⑤ Not only makes your makeup look better, but it also makes it harder for your makeup to come off ⑥ You can get a good luck face

▼ How to use

▼ Hong Kong line surface

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Those who want to have good luck skin ・ Those who are interested in Hong Kong beauty ・ Those who want to get beautiful immediately and forever

▶ ︎Experience guide
Immediately slippery and shiny. Continue to aging care.

▶ ︎Taste
Malus halliana: Showa retro cosmetic scent


set content/
Wire machine, USB charging cord, thread, malus halliana

Malus halliana ingredient /
Calcium carbonate, talc, fragrance

Producing area/

How to use

In addition to this set, please prepare a hair band, cotton, moisturizing skin care (toner, paper mask, etc.).

① Put on a hair band.
② After washing your face, dry it with a towel.
③ Apply "Malus halliana" directly to the skin where no water remains.
④ Use a line machine to remove hair.
⑤ Wipe off excess powder with cotton soaked with lotion. Then soothe your skin with a cotton pack or paper mask.

* Do not take a bath or wash your face for 4 hours after the line surface.
* If you are concerned about the malus halliana powder left on your skin or the hair that has fallen off, wipe it off with a lotion.
* It can be used not only for facial hair growth but also for waste hair treatment of arm hair and shin hair. Its role is to make the surface of the skin smoother. When sebum is suppressed and the surface of the skin becomes smoother, the hair grows without sticking to the skin, making it easier to create a line surface where the hair is entwined with threads.

please note

-The line surface is a hair removal method in which the hair is entwined with the thread and pulled out. You may feel some pain or redness on your skin when using.
・ Should this disagree with your skin, discontinue use.

[Line machine]
・ This product removes hair. It cannot be used for any other purpose.
・ Please read the attached instruction manual carefully before use.

-There are two types of batteries, one is a single-use battery and the other is a rechargeable battery.
-Batteries are not included in this product. Please prepare two AA batteries when using.
<< Use single-use batteries >>
You can use the used batteries immediately after setting them.
《Use rechargeable battery》
Please set the charged battery and use it. You can also charge using the USB charging cord that comes with this product.
* The USB charging cord that comes with this product is extremely dangerous, so never use it for a single-use battery, but only for a rechargeable battery.

[About thread]
-The thread may break during use.
・ Wrap the thread so that it is not too tight. If the tension is strong, the thread will break easily.
-If you turn the screw that fastens the thread so that it is pushed in, it will be easier to fasten the thread.
・ Do not use the used thread twice.
・ If you run out of attached thread, please purchase a thread of the same thickness at your local handicraft store.
-The point of thread selection is that thick and slightly fluffy threads are suitable for the line surface.
-Thin and glossy threads may be easy to break and difficult to pull out.

[About Malus halliana]
-Since it is made by a traditional method, it is very soft and easily collapses, so the corners may be chipped or the shape may be deformed.

-It is not waterproof. Please avoid using it in a wet place such as a bath. It may cause a malfunction.
・ This product comes with a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase. Applicable only when used properly.
・ If you have any problems during the warranty period, we apologize for the inconvenience. ・ Please send a photo of the line machine (appearance, with batteries removed) to
・ Use for purposes other than hair removal is not covered by the warranty.

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