Dried fruit for Fondant water [limited edition]

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Delicious and fun drinks for hydration
Classic fondant water. Moisturize, warm and nourish.

This is the introduction of Yang's classic HOT fondant water, which is published in "Warm and delicious fondant water: Fruit Chinese medicine came from Hong Kong! (LADY BIRD Shogakukan Practical Series)" .

Sachiko Voice

So-called Chinese herbs are drinks made by decocting dried plants and animals and minerals.
Dried fruits are also dried plants, and the drinks that are considered to be Chinese medicine and the dried fruits are decocted are called "HOT fondant water".
In fact, each fruit has its own characteristic function that is good for the body. (Refer to the list)
"Dried fruit set for HOT fondant water, which is hard to find even in Hong Kong" was selected by Sachiko Yang, who was particular about the production area and quality.
Of course, preservatives, colorings, sugar and oil are just dried fruits with no additives.

Description of item

4 reasons why dried fruits are good for your body ◆ Fruits that are said to cool your body also warm your body when they become dried fruits. The power of the product itself increases. ◆ It doesn't matter what season it is, so you can enjoy it all year round. ◆ It's small and easy to store, and it can be stored.

"In Hong Kong, eating naturally occurring ingredients is more than just medicine, and the" ideal diet based on traditional Chinese medicine (Chinese traditional medicine) "has been taken for granted as a lifestyle by parents for generations. It has taken root.
HOT fondant water can "moisturize" by hydrating, "warm" by drinking warm food, and "nourish" by taking dried fruits.
By continuing, the purpose is to get closer to the body that can excrete unnecessary things by supplementing what is needed, that is, "digestion-> absorption-> excretion", which is the basis of health.

Sachiko Yang chose the "Dried fruit for Fondant water [limited edition]", with particular attention to the production area and quality.

Pineapples are from Wanning, Hainan, China, figs are from China, where delicious sardines are produced, white grapes are from Turfan, China, none are from the intersection of Hebei Province, Guangdong Province, China. Made in Ningxia.

We have collected only the finest dried fruits that have long been said to be good in this area.

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
Pineapple: When you eat too much greasy food or have a hangover.
Fig: When you want to improve the intestinal environment.
White grapes: When you want to recover from fatigue and physical strength.
None: When you drink too much alcohol or want to rejuvenate your skin.
Longan + Lycium chinense: When sleeplessness continues or when the whole family wants energy.

▶ ︎Experience guide

▶ ︎Taste
The sweet scent of the fruit

* From "Warm and delicious fondant water: Fruit Chinese medicine came from Hong Kong! (LADY BIRD Shogakukan Practical Series)"


Internal capacity/
3 dried pineapples 20 g of dried figs
10 dry white grapes 3 without dry 3 dry longan + 5 dry wolfberry (per set)

Producing area/
Pineapple Producing area: Hainan Wanning, China Producing area: China White grape Producing area: China Torfan None Producing area: Guangdong Province, China The area where Hebei Province intersects Long Eye Producing area: Guilin, China Producing area: Ningxia, China

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How to eat

[When boiling]
If you are aiming for a finished amount of about 500 ml, put an appropriate amount of 1 bag) and 700 ml of water in a pot or pot other than stainless steel and heat it. When it boils, reduce the heat to low and simmer for about 20 minutes.
[When using a thermos]
Put an appropriate amount in a thermos bottle other than stainless steel or a heat-retaining water bottle, pour 500 ml of boiling water, cover it, and leave it for 3 hours or more.
* The skin of figs may be hard, so make a cut in the cross or divide it in half. * For details, see " Warm and delicious fondant water: Fruit Chinese medicine came from Hong Kong! (LADY BIRD Shogakukan Practical use) Series) ”.

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