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The essence of making eyebrows that call for money
It's nice to draw, but after all my eyebrows are the best. The secret of a real beauty is ...

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Eyebrow growth is important not only for women who want to look beautiful, but also for men who want to get rich.
This is because the relationship between eyebrows and fortune is very deep in Feng Shui, and it is said that the shape of the eyebrows can make you rich or poor.
By the way, the shape of the eyebrows that call for money is that the eyebrows extend to the extension line that draws a straight line from the nose to the corner of the eye, and that there is no break in the middle.
Therefore, for those who want to have beautiful eyebrows as well as those who want to get rich, we recommend the eyebrow essence that raises your fortune.

Description of item

The secret of a real-faced beauty is not just beautiful bare skin.
When I was doing make-up and the real face I dropped.
A person who does not seem to be much different from a person who has a considerable difference.
The big difference depends on the presence or absence of eyebrows.
The eyebrows are the parts of the face that can be freely changed in shape.
Therefore, from ancient times, the times when thin eyebrows were popular, the times when thick eyebrows were popular, and the shape of eyebrows are the fashion itself.
I hear that some people who continue to follow the trend often have areas where it is difficult for their eyebrows to grow because they have pulled out their eyebrows too much.
Even if you change the shape of your eyebrows according to the fashion, or if you just want to keep them neat and tidy, if you want to be a beautiful woman with a real face, a proper eyebrow base is indispensable.
It's nice to draw and make it beautiful, but after all my eyebrows are the best.
Give your eyebrows the wonder of the rising fortune eyebrows born in Chinese medicine.
You should be more confident in your real face.
By the way, in Feng Shui in Hong Kong, it is said that the shape of eyebrows influences fortune.
Your own eyebrows are important.

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<Before use> Chinese scent <After use> Almost no scent remains


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Noble flower

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Yangju Hana, Yam Ta, Cordyceps sinensis, Reishi, Blood supplement, Tasana, Tiger, Hippocampus, Licorice, Medicinal ginseng

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How to use

After washing your face, do not apply anything to your skin.
* Please use the brush that comes with the cap of the 'Make own eyebrows essence".

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