Purifier water stone

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A stone that turns tap water into mineral water
Anytime, anywhere. The option to make your own mineral water

Sachiko Voice

Since ancient times when there was no water purifier, in China, "Purifier water stone" was used to make mineral water.
Once you get it, you can use it until it breaks. Do you say
Even if it breaks, you can use it if you use it carefully.
"Purifier water stone" that does not require any electricity.
I have been using it for a long time.

Description of item

"Purifier water stone" has the effect of adsorbing harmful components and bacteria contained in water and changing it into clean active mineral water.

◆ What is a Purifier water stone?
A natural stone rich in minerals and vitamins, quarried in Shandong Province, China.
It is touted as a "cell cleanser".
It adsorbs harmful components and bacteria contained in water and changes it into clean active mineral water.
There is also a report that long-term drinking can be expected to discharge harmful substances that accumulate in the human body.

Just by adding "Purifier water stone", you can expect to promote metabolism and smoothly discharge waste products from your body!
It is recommended not only as a diet supporter but also for whole body beauty.

* The effect is further improved when used in combination with " Jikahai Beauty Water Bottle ".

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this

・ Those who use "Jikahai Beauty Water Bottle" ・ Those who want to drink mineral water anytime, anywhere ・ Those who want to purify the body

▶ ︎Experience guide
Delicious mineral water is ready in 15 minutes


Size / weight /
Diameter 5cm per piece Approximately 30g (varies depending on the stone)

100% Mokugyo stone

Country of origin/

How to eat

"Purifier water stone" can be used semi-permanently.
Pon "Purifier water stone" into "Jikahai beauty water bottle" filled with tap water or your own water bottle!
It will be ready in 10 to 15 minutes.
The longer it is placed, the more effective it will be.
The water made from "Mokugyo stone" can be used as it is, as well as as water for cooking rice and as hot water for making drinks.
If it gets shattered ... You can put it in a plant pot, put it in a fishbowl, and so on.
<Before use>
◆ Brush with a clean brush such as a toothbrush and rinse thoroughly with running water.
◆ Please sterilize by boiling in boiling water.
<How to care>
After use, polish with a clean brush and rinse well with running water.
Please sterilize by boiling once a month.
"Mokugyo stone" has innumerable holes, so please use it only for water.
Please avoid using it for coffee or tea. Do not wash with detergent etc.

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