[ZHENG GU SHUI] Chinese bath liquid

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Detox bath salt that blows out sweat and tiredness
Hiya → warm → refreshing → moly moly! Paradise!

Sachiko Voice

When the body is cold and tough, use it as a [ZHENG GU SHUI] Chinese bath liquid. The body really warms up.
If your body is tired, your joints hurt, or your body has fallen apart due to strenuous exercise, apply a generous amount of cotton and apply it directly to the tough areas.
After a while, "Shindoi" goes somewhere.
When it hurts, put a cotton pack in the place where it hurts. This method is also amazing.
Please give me one here.
When applying directly, just apply it to Honma. Do not massage or imprint it as the liquid will penetrate it.

Description of item

When you soak in the "true bone water bath", you will feel a "hear" even though it is warm water.
However, after a while, it gradually becomes warmer as the hot water gets warmer, and it replaces the feeling that "warm" enters the body from the surface of the skin.
After soaking for a while, pleasant sweat will spurt out more and more.
After taking a bath, your mind and body will be refreshed, as if you were tired from the core of your body and the poison that had accumulated began to flow. The vitality for tomorrow is moody! I will come.
The bath salt is "perfect!"

If you have a lot of stiffness or fatigue, apply it directly to your skin to repel fatigue!
If you use cotton as a compress, it will be even more effective. ↑↑ It works to keep you clean and healthy. [Plus α effect] Plus α to cleanliness is a measure against pores.
By sweating a lot, the pores will open firmly.
And if you wash your face in that state, the dirt that has clogged the pores will be washed away, and the pores will become less noticeable.
In terms of health, detox measures. By sweating a lot, it becomes easier to expel waste products and harmful substances that have accumulated in your body without knowing it, together with your sweat.

~ Customer's voice YS ~
My pores are immediately skipped.
What it means to skip is that you are not good at sweating.
When I was pointed out that my body was swollen, the first thing I started was [half-body bath]
If you continue to take a half-body bath, you may remember that you sweat more and more, and you start to sweat more and more.
But, when I was still unsatisfied, I was told this "[ZHENG GU SHUI] Chinese bath liquid".
... this is amazing.
As for how amazing it is, if you take a half-body bath for about 30 minutes, you will sweat up to your face, upper body, and arms, but if you take a half-body bath in this bath containing "true bone water", you will sweat up to your fingers!
There is no sweat from the face! I'm sweating a lot ♥
If you think that you won't sweat easily in a half-body bath, please give it a try.
I think it is recommended for students who are busy with club activities and after sports, which is ideal for recovering from fatigue and relieving heat fatigue.

≪[ZHENG GU SHUI] Chinese bath liquid Q & A≫
Q. Is there any color deposit on the bathtub?

A. "[ZHENG GU SHUI] Chinese bath liquid" is made from Chinese herbs.
If you put "[ZHENG GU SHUI] Chinese bath liquid" in the bathtub with hot water, it is less likely that pigmentation will occur than the one made by boiling Chinese medicine.
However, depending on the material of the bathtub (natural stone such as marble)
Also, if you put it in before adding hot water, it may be easy for the pigment to adhere.
If you are worried about pigmentation, I think one way is to use it in a bucket or tub for foot baths or hand baths.

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ People who are somehow dull and can't get tired ・ People who don't feel refreshed and motivated ・ People who can't sleep and get frustrated

▶ ︎Experience guide
After bathing

▶ ︎Taste
Cough syrup-like scent


Original product name /
Tambayashi / Seikokusui

Internal capacity/

Kaifu Fuji, Sir Xu Chang, Bone Tree, Sheep Ear Chrysanthemum, Gomi Fuji, Falcon Wrestling, Zhu Sand Root, Menthol Seat, Ginger, Gleditsia sinensis, Gleditsia sinensis, Gleditsia sinensis, Dioscorea sinensis, Gleditsia sinensis, Gleditsia sinensis Dragon, menthol, tiger cane, ginger, menthol style

Producing area/

How to use

[As a bath salt]
After adding hot water, just mix it in the bathtub for about 1/3. Please soak slowly.
* If you mix it while pouring hot water, it feels like the feeling has diminished.
* You can change the timing of putting in depending on the season.
Estimated amount of one-time use: 1/3 bottle (about 30 ml).
[As direct coating]
Take an appropriate amount on your hands or cotton and apply it directly to the area of ​​concern.
* When applying, the trick is to apply the gently without applying it. * After applying it directly, wait for a while until it dries completely. * When using cotton, it is effective to leave it as a compress for a while. * Be careful not to get lotion on your clothes

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