Deep cleansing comb [Good luck version]

Deep cleansing comb [Good luck version]

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Elimination of hair loss & revival of black hair! Magic comb
With the slogan "Did you do Shaka x 2 today?", The whole family is worried!

Sachiko Voice

The first thing I wanted was an "angel ring".
Since it does not get tangled or tangled, the cuticle of the hair does not hurt, so it has the effect of giving the hair a glossy appearance.
When I used it when shampooing, I was happy that even wet hair melted smoothly.
And what I noticed after using it for a long time is that it can also be used as a scalp massage.
I remembered that the head had reflex zones on the body as well as the soles of the feet.
Just combing will make your body easier.
And when the scalp becomes soft, it also helps the hair grow.
Moreover, since the scalp is connected to the skin of the face, it also works for lift-up.
"Deep cleansing comb" with just a slight change in the structure of the teeth of the comb.
You can get a lot of comfort just by combing your hair every day.

Description of item

"Don't you think that any comb is the same?" Once you use it, you can't go back to a normal comb! The rumored "Deep Cleansing Com" that the revival of black hair is not a dream.
Proper combing promotes beautiful hair, hair growth and hair growth.
By habituating correct combing, you can prevent sagging and make your hair grow healthy.
If the scalp and pores are activated, it will not only eliminate hair loss but also lead to healthy hair growth.
"Deep cleansing comb" is a comb that was developed in accordance with the Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Maintenance Law and was created with the health of the scalp in mind.
Not only does the tooth rotate 360 ​​degrees, but it also moves up and down a little (it makes a noise of Shaka x 2), so even tangled hair gets wet without putting an excessive burden on the hair. Even with hair, it has a structure that allows you to easily comb up to the tips of the hair.
It also fits the curve of the scalp, so you can massage it more finely than you can with your fingers. Since the tips of the teeth are rounded, there is less damage to the scalp.
And by promoting blood circulation in the scalp by combing, you can feel the comfort of use, and you can develop the health of your body and the beauty of your hair while using it.

For the function of combing
1. Removes stains such as dandruff and dust 2. Stimulates the scalp to promote metabolism 3. Carries the oil from the scalp to the tips of the hair to give the hair its original luster 4. Scrapes out oil stains, etc. I have.

■ 4 ways to use "Deep Cleansing Com" ■
(1) Basic usage of "without stiffness"
[Combing well in the morning and evening]
Just as there are many acupoints on the soles of the feet, there are paths and many acupoints on the head.
Therefore, by massaging the scalp using this "Deep Cleansing Comb", you can experience the positive effects such as improving small face and stiff shoulders as well as being good for hair and scalp.
* Comb the scalp at right angles to the scalp along the flow of the path from the top of the eyebrows to the back of the head and nape (from front to back) twice in the morning and evening, 50 times on each side.

Part 2 Those who want glossy hair

The "Deep Cleansing Comb" moves parallel to the scalp and carefully combs from the hairline to the tips so that the hair becomes smooth.

Part ③ Shampoo method using "Deep Cleansing Comb"
1. Wrap a steamed towel around your head to open pores. 2. Remove the steamed towel before it gets cold. 3. Start combing. 4. After that, wash your scalp thoroughly with a shower for about 1 minute (pre-wash).
5. Shampoo 6. Rinse for 1 minute longer than usual. 7. Carefully dry your hair and scalp with a hair dryer.

Part ④ How to wash your hair with only hot water using "Deep Cleansing Comb"
Do not just shampoo No. 5 in the same way as ③.

If you wash off the sebum on your head with shampoo, the sebaceous glands will develop to supplement it, and the nutrients that should be supplied to your hair will not be distributed.
Also, too much shampoo will thin the scalp and prevent it from retaining water, resulting in a dry scalp.
By creating a day when you use hot water without using shampoo, your hair will become firm and firm.
Not only "Shaka x 2" in the house, but also "Shaka x 2" in the office, carrying around, anytime and anywhere.
"Shaka x 2" Massage your scalp to get clean, energetic and black hair.

■ Voice of users ■

I was surprised to use it immediately! The hair doesn't really get tangled. The scalp feels really good.
It wasn't a flattery, but I felt it was the most comfortable comb I had ever encountered.
Lift up as shown in the picture. You will be surprised and addicted! !! (SF)

◆ Deep cleansing comb [Good luck version]
This comb is "red". Feng Shui, "red" is a color that is full of power.
It has a strong vitality and a powerful power that expresses passion.
Also, "red" is the color for exterminating magic and avoiding illness.
Red firecrackers are indispensable for demons for congratulations in Greater China.
The torii gate of a Japanese shrine is also "red", isn't it?
Since ancient times, combs have been used for "unraveling" and are only for "hair" as a symbol of life that continues to grow as long as you live.
It also has the purpose of removing dirt (scratches) on the hair and scalp by unraveling it.
Of course, unraveling will make your hair shiny and loosen the stiffness of your scalp.
And this comb bag is embroidered with "congratulatory good luck" and red thread.
"Congratulations good luck" means "May you always be lucky".
Use it, carry it around, and make good luck your own!

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▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Those who want to solve their problems related to visual angle and hair. ・ Those who have severe shoulder stiffness and neck stiffness. ・ Those who want to regain the "angel's ring" that should have existed.

▶ ︎Experience guide
Immediately after use to 1 week after use

▶ ︎Other
"Deep Cleansing Comb" was introduced on TBS Radio "Jane Sue Life is Dancing".
[Special feature on head spa equipment] "Massage the scalp improves the smooth tongue" is verified!
(External link with audio) ▶ ︎ ▶ ︎ You can listen to it on Radio Cloud.

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Size (accessories) /
◆ Normal Ver. :Overall length 18 cm (with special bag)
Good luck Ver.:Overall length 13 cm (with special bag)
* The pattern of the bag is subject to change.

Body: ABS, stainless steel

Country of origin/

How to use

"For comfortable and long-term use"
* This product is a comb. Please do not use it for any other purpose.
* Store in a clean place that is dry at room temperature. After use, carefully wipe off any moisture or dirt on the comb and let it dry.
* Do not store outdoors or in direct sunlight. It may cause product damage or deterioration.
* Combined use or use with alcohol-containing products may cause product damage or deterioration.
* Do not use near fire, high humidity, or high temperature.
* Please use and store out of reach of infants and pets. Unintended use may cause an unexpected accident.

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