[Hong Kong Feng Shui] Gold fortune incense

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Please feel the highest peak of incense.
The ten virtues of incense, this is the ultimate. Bring you the utmost joy.

Sachiko Voice

Whether it's Chinese tea or wine, once you know what it is, you'll want to meet more.
To tell the truth, I used to use the best incense in the " [Hong Kong Feng Shui] Get fortune incense ", but there was an upper one.
It looks like the " [Hong Kong Feng Shui] Get fortune incense" is very special, but I can feel the paradise in the scent of this "top blessing agarwood".

Description of item

Agarwood is one of the scented trees that can be found in Southeast Asia, mainly Vietnam.
Agarwood logs are made from agarwood, which has a certain fungus and is resinified depending on the temperature difference between day and night.
It is soft and has no fragrance.
Over the years, it is buried in the soil and becomes solid black by natural techniques, and matures with a fragrant agarwood.

This unspeakable fragrance is nurtured in the earth for a long time.
The finest agarwood that requires such an aging period was named "Kara".
Agarwood, which was born from the eternal activities of nature, has been prized as a "superior treasure" since ancient times because of its noble scent and preciousness.
The fragrance emitted by Kyara, which has the "reason" and "wisdom" of nature in a golden ratio, corrects the human soul, is clear and clear, and brings utmost joy.

◆ Agarwood connecting Japan and Vietnam ◆
Japan has had diplomatic relations with Vietnam for a long time, and it seems that there is a description that a special envoy from Vietnam came to Japan even during the opening ceremony of the Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple.
Even in the early Edo period, trade with Vietnam was carried out, and since copper was exchanged for Vietnam's agarwood (and other fragrant trees), it seems that the currency unit price of Vietnam came to be called copper (dong). ..


1 special incense plate, 1 amulet: Delivered in a red lucky bag.


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How to use

Please light the tip of "[Hong Kong Feng Shui] Gold fortune incense" and enjoy the incense on the attached plate.
It takes about 30 minutes to burn out one. However, the scent lasts for a long time.
* When burning incense, make sure that there is nothing around it that can catch fire.
* Please refrain from using in windy places.
* Please keep and use the product out of the reach of children.
When burning the "[Hong Kong Feng Shui] Gold fortune incense", turn the amulet clockwise three times in a circular motion to cleanse it, and then put it in your wallet.
After a year, bury it in the soil, burn it in a heat-resistant container, or put it in a shrine collection point.

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