Present for everyone in April 2024《2024 edition [Boys Festival Shoryu] Fukurokuju herbal incense package》

This year, we will be delivering medicinal herbal incense packages with a Shoryu design.

◆What is 《[Boys Festival Rising Dragon] Fukurokuju Herbal Bao》◆

In the twenty-four solar terms,
It is believed that summer begins with Dragon Boat Festival.
In order not to get sick at the change of seasons,
We made a ``kobao'' wrapped in mugwort, which has the meaning of warding off evil spirits.
Xiang Bao has a history of thousands of years.

Even now, around the Dragon Boat Festival, when mold and bacteria grow, and mental sluggishness tends to occur,
In order not to get sick at the change of seasons,
There is a custom of making ``kobao'' (fragrance wraps) made from herbal medicines such as mugwort wrapped in cloth and wearing them or hanging them in the room.

After an event that took the world by storm several years ago,
Here, Chinese medicine doctors
The media has picked up on him saying, ``Hangbao is effective for boosting immunity and managing your physical condition,'' and it has become popular.

In Feng Shui terms, the Year of the Dragon in 2024, which is the ninth lucky year, is all about health.
We believe that it is important to further improve "Fukurokuju" (good luck, financial luck, health luck),
The cloth is decorated with “Shoryu”,
The colors include
“Red” represents “fortune”;
``Yellow'', which represents ``Roku'';
The word ``green'' is used to represent ``longevity.''

Everyone who uses this [2024 version [Dragon Boat Festival rising dragon] Fukurokuju medicinal herb incense package] will have good health, good luck, and increased financial luck.
I sincerely pray that you continue to be healthy.

◆2024 [Kinoe Tatsu]◆
A year in which the seeds of success grow and change their appearance.

The year 2024 is the 41st year of the zodiac.
Koshin, which is one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, is
"Ko" is the first of the ten kanji,
This is the year when the ``Tatsu'', the fifth of the zodiac, overlaps.

The twelve signs of the zodiac and ten zodiac signs are not only numbers and directions, but also each have their own meanings.
For example, "Ko" has the first place and indicates superiority, as well as
It represents a large tree that stands tall and tall.
"Tatsu" means the dragon, the only fictional creature among the zodiac.
Dragons have been worshiped as gods of water and the sea.
It symbolizes the dynamic movement of nature that causes natural phenomena such as tornadoes and lightning.
"When a dragon appears, something auspicious will happen."
There are legends such as "good luck" and "don't worry about money".
And Koshin, which is a combination of these two,
It will be a year of rapid growth as we rise and gain momentum.
For some people, it is a year when what they have continued to learn and acquire for the future will bud and bear fruit.
Some people may not be able to see the buds sprout, but it looks like this will be a year in which they can steadily grow them under the surface into something solid.

◆How to use 《[Boys Festival Rising Dragon] Fukurokuju Herbal Bao》◆

Please hang it in the southwest direction, which is the most auspicious direction this year.

The hanging period is
[1] From Dragon Boat Festival ( June 10th ) to the first day of autumn ( August 7th ) in the lunar calendar.
[2] From the day the [Dragon Boat Festival Rising Dragon] Fukurokuju Herbal Incense Packet arrived at your door,
Until you feel the signs of autumn.

◆《[Dragon Boat Festival rising dragon] Fukurokuju herbal incense package》Specifications◆

Total length: approx. 30cm Incense bag size: approx. 8cm
Bag/string: Rayon Medicinal herbs: Mugwort Country of origin: China