Guriguri Massage Report

Women in their 70s
He fell in November 2020 and smashed his right knee.
I felt some pain, but on New Year's Day 2021, I noticed a swelling that looked like a pool of water.
When I touch it, I have a fever and I'm sick.

After taking a bath, massage with "knees, sneakers, and instep oil" and start sleeping.
I always wore socks, room socks, socks, and trousers when I was awake.

≪Impression of the person≫
I feel that the swelling has completely subsided. I didn't feel any pain in my daily life
It feels like some pain remains when you press it hard. The knees are light and it is easy to bend and stretch.
≪Family impressions≫
・ At first, the side of the shin bone (especially the inside) was bumpy, but now I don't feel it.
・ I had a pain when I massaged the area around my ankle with the second joint of my finger, but now it doesn't seem to hurt.
・ The circumference of the instep of the right foot has been reduced by 1 cm.
・ I still feel swelling on the outside of the ankle (around the ankle), but I feel that the rest is decreasing.
・ The area around the base of the toes on the soles of the feet has become softer than before.

Women in their 40s
Massage every night within 1 hour from bath to bed

There was a lump around the shin of my right foot and the massage hurt.

I felt that the gorigori became a little softer.

I feel that my ankles have tightened and the thickness of the instep has decreased.

I feel that the gap between my ankles and calves is more than before.

I chilled my legs and got sick. I thought I shouldn't chill it.

Because I spent a lot of time warming my lower body, the ruggedness of my right shin became smaller again.

≪Impression of the person≫
・ The area around the knees is clean.
・ From the knee down, I started doing this massage and it didn't swell.
I don't feel any swelling on my entire foot even at night.
・ At first, there were many places where it felt painful when pressed, but the number of places where it did not hurt when pressed increased considerably.
・ Cellulite, which was also around the calves and shins, has decreased.
May 7 measurement "below the kneecap" right 33.0cm, left 32.5cm "ankle" right left 22.5cm "instep" right left 23.5cm
May 19 measurement "below the kneecap" right 32.5cm, left 31.5cm "ankle" right left 22.0cm "instep" right left 21.5cm
* It has decreased by 0.5 to 2.0 cm in 2 weeks. I was surprised that the instep was reduced by 2 cm.

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