Yoganchinju(120 days)

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Traditional beauty ingredients, 100% high-quality freshwater edible pearls
[Beautiful all the way. more beautiful. 】, one spoon a day.

Sachiko Voice

"Face-lifting pearl <beautiful urn specification>"
Focus on beauty, focus on health,
Made with a focus on richness.

"Nursing face pearl" made from 100% edible freshwater pearls.
In order for you to continue to use “Yogano-Jyuu” for a long time,
And to make it more affordable, we arrived at <Mitsubo specification>.
You can eat this one jar for about 120 days.

The efficacy of pearls, which has been touted for thousands of years as a beauty herb,
Supports beautiful skin by calming the mind, strengthening bones and improving lung function.

Therefore, for women who want to be healthy inside and out,
I want you to keep eating.

Description of item

"Eating pearls, a beauty method" that has continued since ancient times

~The kanji for eating is written as good for people~
In ancient times, Yang Guifei and Empress Dowager Cixi also
It is said that he loved pearls for their "teri" and "gloss".

In Hong Kong, China, mothers and grandmothers eat pearls,
I eat it because I've seen it give my skin a natural shine and luster.

This is the "beauty discipline" that has been passed down from generation to generation since the days when the efficacy of pearls could not be scientifically analyzed.

"Yogan Pearl" Why do we eat pearls?
~The secret of beautiful skin overflowing from the inside~

"Hong Kong women don't have makeup, why are they so shiny?"
The developer, Sachiko Yang, felt doubtful.

When I first started living in Hong Kong,
Impressed by the glamorous beauty of Hong Kong women who wear their bare skin with a glow that oozes from within,
When I asked the women about the secret,
The secret of "terry" and "shiny" like aura was [eating pearls every day].

When I looked it up, in the first place, in Hong Kong,
There is an idea that pearls should be eaten first,
Everywhere in the city, pearls were sold as Chinese herbal beauty ingredients.
It was a natural habit to "keep beautiful all the time" by eating every day.

"I want to look beautiful, too."
With that in mind, I was particular about pearls, and arrived at
It is an edible pearl, “Yoganju”.

The difference between saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls
When cultivating seawater pearls, an artificial material called a nucleus is put into the mother shellfish.
Nacre is wrapped around the nucleus to form a pearl.

When a foreign object enters the shellfish, as a defense reaction to relieve the stress,
Enveloping the foreign matter with pearls and wrapping it in multiple layers over time,
It produces beautiful lustrous pearls.

The freshwater pearls used in the “Yogao Jinju” are made without a nucleus,
Freshwater pearls contain nothing but nacre.
It takes a long time to make a pearl with a thick nacre layer without being stressed.

◆Differences between general edible freshwater pearls and edible freshwater pearls that become “face care pearls”◆
Most common edible freshwater pearls are two years old.
On the other hand, it takes three years for the edible freshwater pearls that can be used to grow the edible freshwater pearls.
It took another 4 years and a total of 7 years before it became a “yogan pearl”.
Only freshwater pearls that are thoroughly particular about quality are made as "face-lifting pearls".

Also, during the cold season from November to February,
Pearl metabolism also slows down, so the pearl quality becomes darker.
It is said that the pearls harvested in this season have the highest brilliance.

"Nursing face pearls" are used in this season.
Because such pearls
This is because it contains the beauty ingredients of pearls, conchiolin amino acid and calcium carbonate, in good condition.

Currently, [eating pearls = aiming for a “terry” and “glossy” figure]
Chemically analyzed, the reason became clear.

From freshwater pearls that have been produced over a long period of time,
We select only pearls that are well-shaped and have "teri" and "gloss".
What was made is the “Yogan-Jinju”.

About 120 days supply

◆Paulownia box◆
The paulownia box has the function of keeping the internal environment constant.
It has been used since ancient times to keep important things closed.
◆ Drawstring ◆
In the olden days, people carried money, medicine, and other important items in purses.
This drawstring bag incorporates colors that are said to bring health and fruitfulness to life.
◆Beauty pot◆
As a feng shui item, this pot has a strong presence.
The white jar purifies the incoming and accumulated energy,
It is said to improve the flow of air.
Basically, the "pot" used in feng shui is
Instead of being empty,
Putting a power stone inside will lead to good luck.
The pearls of "Yokao Jinju" are 100% freshwater pearl powder.
Pearls are power stones, and the gem words are [Health, Longevity, Wealth, Happiness].

▶︎Recommended for
・Those who want to be seen as beautiful ・Those who want to have a beautiful self ・No change! Those who want to be said

▶︎Experience standard
The more you continue, the more you should be able to feel the change in your skin.
*There are individual differences.

How to use

Take the attached spoonful once a day with water or lukewarm water.

*Please use by putting the face-lifting pearl powder in the beauty pot.
* Please open and close the lid of the beauty pot quietly in a stable place.
*Please do not remove the sheet on the back of the lid of the beautiful pot.
It is also a fragile material, so please handle with care.

* Approximately 0.3g of “Yoganojinju” per spoon.
*We recommend that you eat it steadily every day.
*Since it is food, there is no fixed time to eat it.
*Even if you eat a lot at once, you won't be able to feel the change quickly.

◆Since this product uses natural materials, the color tone may differ, but there is no problem with the quality.
◆Keep out of reach of infants.
◆Store away from high temperatures and humidity.
◆ If it does not suit your body, stop using it and consult a doctor.


Original product name/
facial nourishing pearl

Internal capacity/
36g (about 120 days worth)

100% edible freshwater pearls

Producing area/
Hong Kong (Pearl origin: China)

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