Silk cocoon face wash

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100% natural silk! Wash your face with the rare "golden cocoon"
Silk and Sammunply (Thai herb) are the golden recipe for "Birth of beautiful skin"

Sachiko Voice

This is a beauty facial cleanser made from Sammunply (herbs peculiar to Thailand) and Thai honey soaked with precious golden cocoons from Thailand.
The cocoon is made of 100% natural fiber silk, which is gentle on the skin, and even though the thread on the fluffy part is very fine, I can see that the black spots are coming off, so I'm really happy. ..
The point is that "checking the roughness of the skin before washing your face with your palm" and "checking the opening of pores before washing your face with a mirror" will make your daily joy even greater.

Description of item

-Your skin will change with a round and round-
The reason for choosing "Silk cocoon face wash". You can see the dirt on the pores!
Shiru-Kuru-Kuru is a golden cocoon soaked with Thai herbs for cleansing the skin.

* "Golden cocoon" is a valuable variety born from the support project of Queen Sirikit Sericulture Research Institute in Thailand, and it has a high rare value of only 0.00013% of the production volume of the world's major national silk moth cocoons.

In fact, golden cocoons are rich in sericin, which has [moisturizing, antioxidant, and UV adsorption] effects.
Sericin is composed of more than a dozen high-purity amino acid-based proteins, and works to "absorb water-> swell-> adsorb-> permeate-> keep moisture."
In addition, it is a great ingredient that has higher adsorptivity than Lagen, keeps moisturizing for a long time, prevents spots and wrinkles, and suppresses melanin pigment.

The good points of washing your face
Ultra-fine golden cocoon fiber, which is about 1/30 of the hair, and Thai herbs that work on beautiful skin are clogged in pores that cannot be removed by normal face washing, old keratin that causes dull skin, sebum and makeup residue. Gently and surely removes.
Moreover, at that moment, sericin and skin-beautifying ingredients quickly guard the skin surface!
It keeps your skin smooth and keeps the necessary moisture.

"STEP for removing dirt from pores"
[STEP1] For skin that is easy to remove stains with facial cleansing ingredients (usable times: about 3 to 10 times)
[STEP2] For removing dirt from pores after washing your face with golden cocoon silk fiber (usable number of times: until the shape of the cocoon disappears)
[STEP3] It's already shabby ... but it's still usable!
[STEP4] I can't use it anymore ... but don't throw it away!
* Details are described in the enclosed instruction manual.

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Those who are worried about [drying, opening, and sagging] of pores ・ Those who want to have boiled egg skin like freshly peeled ・ Those who want to be reborn and flap their wings

▶ ︎Experience guide
The "shiny" condition of the skin after towel drying is different from usual

▶ ︎ Fragrance
Thai herbs gently scent


Original product name /
Genome Cocoon Facial Soap

Golden cocoons, soap base, glycerin, Thai herbs, essential oils

Country of origin/

How to use

Please use when washing your face.
You can use it as pore care even after the facial cleansing ingredients are gone.

[Recommended usage]
Use after warming the skin (after soaking in a steaming towel or bathtub) to enhance the pore care effect.

please note

・ If you have make-up, please use after cleansing.
・ My skin is baby skin! Please use it so that you can slide it gently while chanting.
・ Dry and store after use.
・ There is a notch in [Silk cocoon face wash]. You can use it like a finger cot, but we recommend that you pinch it until the skin-beautifying ingredients are gone.
・ In order to prevent unrinsed facial cleansing ingredients, we also recommend rinsing with "Special cotton cloth for skin".
・ Wipe gently without rubbing.

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