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Negative energy to positive energy
It is a high-class drug that stops pain and nausea in Chinese medicine.

Sachiko Voice

I met a woman who handles only genuine Taiwanese incense, and after spending a lot of time trying out a lot of incense, she said, "Oh, this!"
After taking a bath and purifying yourself, you can spend a blissful time by burning this incense, planting seeds of power in your mind and body, and then going to sleep.
I have come across various incenses, but this is the first incense that "refreshes the mind, body, and surrounding air."

Description of item

The characteristics of agarwood are "heavier than ordinary wood and sink in water." "When heated, it gives off a strong fragrance."
It sinks because of the heavy resin component deposited on the wood, and it gives off a fragrance because the resin volatilizes.
Most of the agarwood flourishes in the Indochina Peninsula and the tropical jungles of Indonesia.
It originates from a plant of the family Achillaria.
This plant does not deposit resin until it is over 30 years old, and it cannot be a good quality agarwood material unless it is an old tree over 100 years old.
After dying, it is buried in mudflats and is said to emit a fragrant fragrance for the first time after being decomposed and metamorphized by bacteria.
Very few logs meet these requirements, even in the vast jungle.
Only less than 1% of such logs can be harvested for agarwood.
The precious scent is used as [a nutrient for the soul that gives power to the spirits of living people or becomes food while the spirits of the dead drift on the earth]. As a clean spirit, Asian people have been using it for a long time.
In India and Asia, the belief that by receiving new youthful feelings from the natural world, the feelings that have accumulated in the body and become old or bad will be the source of the power to live is still alive. I am.
The youthful spirit of nature is most pure and full of life early in the morning when the sun rises, and can be received from everything from the earth to the forest, from the flowers, from the sky to the water flowing from the sunlight, so early in the morning. While doing Tai Chi and doing yoga, I got into the habit of receiving it.
However, it is believed that agarwood is more powerful than anything else.

◆ Agarwood works ◆
Agarwood is a treasure that gathers the essence of heaven and earth.
In traditional Chinese medicine, it has effects such as air lowering, analgesia, and vomiting, and it is not only a high-class drug that warms the body and stops pain and nausea, but it is also the best material in the incense industry.
Religiously, the use of agarwood is to thank the Buddhas, respect the Bodhisattva, and the scent helps to ask for the Bodhisattva to come.
It is said that sitting quietly and cooking agarwood will not disturb you and will help you to get rid of evil.

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・ When you want to relax ・ When you want to reset ・ The day before something important



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How to use

Light the tip of the agarwood tower and enjoy the incense on the attached plate.
* When burning incense, make sure that there is nothing around it that can catch fire.
* Please refrain from using in windy places.
* Please keep and use the product out of the reach of children.
* Approximately 30 minutes per bottle

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