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Become what you want to be! Hand band that supports
I tried to put it on myself, and there was a lot of eh.
I heard from the people who wore it that there was a lot of food.

Sachiko Voice

I always think that "what you want to be, you have to want to be".
And I believe that I can work hard toward what I want to be.
By properly recognizing one's own thoughts and spending every day, the [power of thoughts] will increase. The motivation for that is the "Fortune bracelet".
I tried to put it on myself, and there was a lot of eh.
I heard from the people who wore it that there was a lot of food.

Description of item

When I saw my grandmother making it in a city in Taiwan, I talked about various things and hit it off, so I decided to give it away.

The great thing about this "Fortune bracelet" is
1. 1. The grandmothers knit each one by hand in prayer for "the good luck of the people around them and the fulfillment of their wishes." Feng Shui-based colored threads are used to symbolize various "wants to be".
3. 3. It is a one-size-fits-all, and can be made larger or smaller according to the wrist circumference of the user, and its shape keeps a [circle (edge)] regardless of whether it becomes larger or smaller.

And "body soap to wash away evil".
Everyone knows "Yuzu leaf" in Hong Kong and Macau.
It is for washing your hands and body when you want to pray for happiness, wish for good luck, change your luck (improvement), get rid of evil, and get rid of impurities.
This body soap is a body soap containing the essence of "Yuzuha".

Meaning of 6 colors for good luck
● Red decision (work luck)
● Timing blue (purification luck)
● Peaceful green (healthy luck)
● Yellow of encounter (social luck)
● Start white (fortune)
● Golden challenge (fortune)

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ Those who wish for a change of heart ・ Those who wish for the happiness of themselves and those who are related to them ・ Those who wish for the happiness of the current situation

▶ ︎Experience guide
Sugu at the earliest!

▶ ︎ Fragrance
Body soap to wash away evil: refreshing


Internal capacity/
Fortune bracelet x 1
Body soap to wash away evil 15ml x 1

・ Fortune bracelet: cotton, polyester, boulders, body soap to wash away evil spirits: yuzu leaf extract, licorice extract, chrysanthemum extract, tea plant extract

Country of origin/

How to use

When using for the first time, please cleanse your body with the included "Body soap to wash away evil spirits".
From the second time onward, you can use your own soap.

1. 1. Apply to the whole body from head to toes, then add hot water little by little to lather and rinse thoroughly.
2. Hold the "Fortune bracelet" and put it on the wrist of the person who is not a strong arm after chanting the name, date of birth, address, and wishes.
3. 3. If you wear a wristwatch, attach it to the inside of the wristwatch.
Four. You can make as many wishes as you like, but please make the same wishes in the same way each time.
* Details are described in the attached manual.

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