Herbal hot drink [Panax Notoginseng]

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An elixir of immortality and longevity. Arrange the circulation of blood.
Roots of Panax notoginseng in the family Araliaceae

Sachiko Voice

In China, there has been a long-standing idea of ​​catching things as "yin and yang."
The idea that "it is healthy if the balance between the sun and the yin flowing in the body is maintained".
Speaking of typical Chinese herbal medicine that balances this, Panax notoginseng.
In the world of Chinese medicine, ginseng often refers to ginseng (Korean ginseng).
Notoginseng belongs to the same family of ginseng as ginseng, and although it is botanically a companion, the Chinese herbal effects of the two are very different.
Ginseng works to "activate the work of organs" (yang work), while Panax notoginseng works to "quench inflammation and sensitive activities of organs" (yin work).
However, this Notoginseng works as a positive as well as a negative.
In other words, when ingested into the body, it has the function of supplementing the yin if the person lacks the yin, and supplementing the yang if the person lacks the yang.
Drinking before drinking will help prevent a hangover the next morning.
In addition, by continuing to take it on a regular basis, it is effective in relieving fatigue, relieving stress, gastric ulcer, diabetes control, arteriosclerosis control, hypotension, and hypertension.
* Please refrain from pregnant women as Notoginseng has the effect of moving blood flow.

Description of item

◆ Main work
・ Both high and low blood pressure improve to stable blood pressure.
・ By improving liver function, you can recover from fatigue and build a stronger body.
・ Medicinal plant of Araliaceae. Native to southern China. It is cultivated in the area of ​​1,200m to 1,800m above sea level in Yunnan Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

◆ Recommended for people like this
・ Those who are concerned about blood pressure (high blood pressure / low blood pressure)
・ Those who are feeling the decline of liver function ・ Those who are in trouble due to chronic fatigue

◆ What is Notoginseng?
Notoginseng (also known as Sanshichi) is a high-class Chinese herbal material that belongs to the Ming dynasty's dictionary "Honso-tsuname", which belongs to the refined (long-term use, balances the body and leads to immortality and longevity). is.
The typical effect is "stop blood". At the same time, there is the opposite effect of "improving blood circulation".
The ingredients are rich in "saponin," which has the effect of removing cholesterol in the body and suppressing the production of lipid peroxide, which is the source of blood clots.
It also contains many nutrients such as arginine, which rejuvenates the body, flavonoids, which act on blood vessels, and vitamins and minerals.
Continued drinking not only restores tired skin and body, but also rejuvenates.
And not only for gastrointestinal upset, but also for women's stomach problems.
In other words, it leads the body to a well-balanced and normal state.
When your body becomes healthy, your mind becomes positive and it helps reduce stress.

▶ ︎Taste and aroma
A taste that feels the natural flavor of burdock tea

▶ ︎Main effects
Stabilization of blood pressure, suppression of blood sugar level, improvement of liver function , prevention of gynecological diseases, hemostatic effect, prevention of blood coagulation, improvement of blood flow, prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, recovery from fatigue, enhancement of physical strength, improvement of immunity, improvement of heart disease and prostate cancer・ Promotion of fat metabolism rate


Internal capacity/
1.5g (per bag)
Crude drugs are decocted at a GMP (* 1) factory, the extract is extracted, and then processed into granules.

Notoginseng (elegant) 100%

Producing area/

* 1) Good Manufacturing Practice: Good Manufacturing Practice. World Health Organization (WHO) recommended standards for pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control in 1969.

How to eat
1) Put one bag in a cup and dissolve it in a small amount of hot water. 2) Add 200 to 300 ml of hot water and stir. 3) Consume only half first. 4) Leave the other half for the night. 5) Reheat at night and enjoy the rest. * Please take 1 bag twice a day, morning and night.

please note
* The amount for one day is one bag. Contents vary depending on the type * If a precipitate is found, mix it so that it dissolves in hot water again. -Please use 1/2 bag for 9 years old and 2/3 bag for 9-12 years old. * If you feel that it does not fit your body, discontinue use.

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