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Hong Kong's lucky lion is on the pouch!
In response to your request, we started [Hong Kong miscellaneous goods]. Even if you carry it around! Even if you decorate it! A very cute lucky charm.

Sachiko Voice

For me, who loves Chinese miscellaneous goods, I didn't have the option of "I can't get it!".
Because I've only seen Chinese lion goods that are too cute or too real.
This just right condition is Tamarimasen. It's full of healing feelings.
And you can put more in it than it looks.
The pouch can also be attached to the bag. Anyway, it's really cute.

Description of item

* I want the cuteness of Hong Kong In response to such a voice, we will deliver the first [Hong Kong miscellaneous goods] found by Sachiko Yang.

* Auspicious lion dance It is said that the lion dance that can be seen at the New Year (Lunar New Year) in Hong Kong, weddings, opening celebrations, championship celebrations, birthday parties, etc. has the power to ward off evil and bring good luck. I am.
It is said that the Japanese lion dance was also transmitted from India to China and Japan.

* Become a cute pouch and bring it to you We have prepared a set of two sizes of energetic red lion head pouches.
The small pouch can be put in a bag or attached to the outside because it has a chain.
The large pouch is also cute to carry around as a walk bag with your children and grandchildren.
It would be nice to decorate your room and feel Hong Kong!

The entire face is embroidered, with long-haired fur surrounding the eyes and mouth.
You should feel close to Hong Kong.


set content/
1 pouch large and 1 small

[Large pouch] Vertical: Approximately 18.5 cm x Horizontal: Approximately 21 cm x Machi: Approximately 2.5 cm
[Small pouch] Vertical: Approximately 13.5 cm x Horizontal: Approximately 14 cm

Body surface, lining: 100% polyester fiber
Cushion material: 100% polyester
Strap: 100% cotton

Country of origin/

Precautions for use

You can wash it in the washing machine, but we recommend hand washing.
Please wash at a water temperature of 40 ° C or less.
Do not use bleach.
After washing, let it dry in a hanging state.
Please avoid using an iron or dryer.

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