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A tube that warms the wrist quickly.
Not just in winter! It is important to warm up in the summer too!

Sachiko Voice

I made this arm tube because I want to keep myself cool!
I always carry or wear it.
As soon as you think "Is it a little cold?", Put it on to ensure warmth!
The tube is warmer than wearing a single cardigan and is not bulky, so it is convenient to carry around.
I can't think of a life without it anymore.
The reason is that I always have warm limbs by putting it on.
Stiff shoulders, back pain, and swelling of the legs are all in a state of "what is that?"
And, needless to say, it's necessary in winter, but in summer it's warmer to feel cooler! The tube can also be used for UV protection.
There is no feeling of tightening, so you can stay warm when you sleep.
It's a really recommended item.

Description of item

◆ Warm the three necks (neck, wrists, ankles)
Not only in winter, but also in summer, my body is cold due to air conditioning.
When the body gets cold, blood circulation and metabolism deteriorate, and various symptoms appear.
In traditional Chinese medicine, it is said that the three necks, "neck, wrist, and ankle" should not be cooled.
The arm tube warms the "wrist" quickly.

◆ It's not hot to warm
By finely knitting the nanomix material, which is also used for medical purposes, with 240 needles, we have realized a soft touch that is thin and not bulky.
Some people said that even when used in the summer, they "feel cool" rather than "do not feel the heat".

◆ In fact, a supporter who can also care for sensitive skin
Nanomix, the material, was jointly developed with the Japan Atopy Association and is a high-performance fiber used mainly in medical institutions and the sports world.

Weaving ceramic and Bincho charcoal at the nano level, it has excellent elasticity and moisturizing properties, deodorant, anti-inflammatory, and UV functions, so it is also effective for atopic skin care.


set content/
2 sets of Anywhere arm-tube 2sets (color combination is free)

Cotton, polyester, acrylic, polyurethane, nylon

Size: Approximately 35 x 6 cm, removable width: Approximately 9 to 20 cm

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