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Oval pearl necklace for the adult generation
In any situation, in any outfit! The result is natural and elegant.

Sachiko Voice
A must-have item for adult women, "Pearl Necklace"
-Pearl is a jewel that protects women-
Pearls that create a gorgeous atmosphere just by wearing them are indispensable in the formal scene.
As the imperial family and the royal family wear it in public, it is regarded as a prestigious jewelry in the world.
Also, pearls are the only piece of jewelry that you are allowed to wear, even when you are mourning when you don't really need to decorate.
It is a pearl that can be used at any time and makes you look beautiful.

Description of item

Everyday clothes become fashionable in no time. Not only for going out, but also for ceremonial occasions.
The great thing about the oval pearl necklace is that it goes well with both casual and dressed up coordination.
It is a great success regardless of the season, spring, summer, autumn and winter!
Pay attention to the beautiful brilliance of oval pearls. This is a fashionable item for adults.
Regardless of the season, you can usually use freshwater pearls.
It is generally said that seawater pearl necklaces are vulnerable to sweat.
It is easily discolored by sweat and requires sufficient care.
However, this "natural freshwater pearl necklace ★ formal specification" made of freshwater pearls is made entirely of nacre and is thickly stacked, so it is more durable than seawater pearls and requires little care.
Wear a gorgeous shine. The pearls used in commercially available formal pearl necklaces generally have a pearl diameter of 7 mm, but the natural oval pearls from Asian Cosmetics Online have a large pearl diameter of 9.5-10.5 mm and have a strong presence in a single grain. You can enjoy fashion.

★ Celebrity specifications
If you apply 120 cm in a row, the vertical line will have a great impact.
Keep a clean line with the weight of real pearls.
Just by changing the balance of the two wheels, the impression will change dramatically, so the two wheels are very useful.
Perfect for casual fashion.

★ Formal specifications
Even one is impressive. A bold volume that does not lose its formalism.
Because it is a simple series, you can wear it casually.
You can casually upgrade your fashionable style.

Pearl jewel word
"Pearl" is one of the jewels familiar to women in the world regardless of age, but the jewel words are "health", "longevity", "wealth", and "chastity".
・ It is a gemstone that cleans up negative emotions and evils. ・ It is also used for the purpose of healing mental fatigue. ・ It is a talisman that enhances the inner beauty. ・ It helps to create an elegant atmosphere.

What is Oval Pearl?
Oval means oval. It is an oval freshwater pearl.
For common freshwater pearls, a 3-year-old mother pearl is filled with cell debris that is the source of the pearl, and 3-4 mm pearls are made in 2 to 3 years.
By growing it for another 3-4 years, it became possible to produce large freshwater pearls larger than 9 mm.
That is the oval pearl.
Most freshwater pearls have no core in the center and are all made of nacre.
For that reason, the nacre layers are piled up thickly, and it takes time and effort to grow up, and only 0.8% of the total grows to a size of 8 mm or more.
Since there is no nucleus, the nacre layer is thicker than that of seawater pearls, so there is almost no need for maintenance, and the durability is higher than that of seawater pearls, so even those who purchase pearls for the first time can use it with confidence.

▶ ︎Recommended for people like this
・ When you want to meet good people ・ When you want to protect yourself from disasters ・ When you want to calm down ・ When you want to improve your charm

▶ ︎Experience guide
Immediately after wearing

Celebrity specification ... Total length about 120 cm
Formal specifications ... Total length about 42 cm

Freshwater pearls

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