Honke Hongen [Mapai] Moisturizing Stick Balm

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A traditional moisture balm that is so popular that fakes are overflowing.
You can quickly apply it anytime, anywhere. For treating rough and dry skin.

Sachiko Voice

Germans are amazing!

In China, where there were very few skin care items,
It is this ``Honke Hongen [Bapai] Moisture Stick Balm'' that brought about the revolution.

The best season for sightseeing in Aoshima is from the end of May to the end of August.
The period from mid-October to the end of March is very cold.
The cold season is characterized by strong winds, dry conditions, and always nice weather.
In other words, there is no UV rays.
In such a situation, ``Honke Hongen [Bapai] Moisture Stick Balm'' was born.

``Honke Hongen [Bapai] Moisture Stick Balm'' can be used anytime and anywhere, and provides long-lasting moisture just by applying it quickly.
It's no surprise that it was welcomed by women who suffer from dry skin all over their bodies.

I am currently using it on my throat, backs of my hands, fingertips, soles of my feet, and around my toes.
The great thing about it is that it doesn't leave a sticky feeling, but it really lasts for a long time.

Description of item

◆Since it is a stick-shaped beauty oil, you can use it on the go◆
“Honke Hongen [Umai] Moisture Stick Balm” is
A multi-purpose stick balm that can be used quickly on areas of concern such as the eyes, mouth, neck, moisture, firmness, and dryness.

◆10 functions in one! Double care of moisturizing and moisturizing◆
Countermeasures against age signs you may be concerned about:
① hair, ② neck, ③ fingers, ④ elbows, ⑤ knees, ⑥ heels, ⑦ shins,
⑧ Measures against dryness around the face, ⑨ around the eyes, and ⑩ around the lips.
This stick balm is perfect for moisturizing anytime, anywhere.

◆It has been loved for almost 100 years. The history of “Mapaiyu” which has made a comeback with its strong popularity◆
Rough history:
The recipe was introduced from Germany to Qingdao → Popularity spread from rural areas to major cities → It became so popular that fakes were sold and it declined → V-shaped revival

Careful history:
In the 1930s, Germans brought it to Qingdao, built a production factory, and began production.
(*Tsingtao beer, which is famous for Chinese beer, is produced by Germans in Qingdao.
There is a reason that for the Germans, Qingdao was the closest China)

"Mapa Oil" is high quality, low price, unique scent,
And because it has the effect of effectively protecting the skin in winter,
It quickly became very popular in Qingdao and eventually spread to all parts of northern China.
After entering into a public-private partnership in 1963, the company's scale gradually expanded.
In 1992, it was merged with Qingdao Nippo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
The name was changed to "Qingdao Daily Cosmetic Production Cooperative Chemical Factory".

At that time, "Mapa Oil" was a necessity for every household in the northern market.
Every time the north wind blows and the air becomes dry,
It has become the perfect skin care item for preventing and curing dry skin.
Around 1988, customers came not only from the north but also from Guangdong, Shanghai, and Hubei provinces, and the annual production was selling 5 million bottles.

However, like many long-established brands, it began to decline for various reasons.
The reason for this is that as the company developed, in the early 1990s,
The number of employees at the factory increased from a few dozen to more than 600.
At this time, fake horse oil appeared on the market.

Golden Horse, Pegasus, Horse etc.
As a result, the market was flooded with brands that resembled horse brands.
It is difficult for consumers to distinguish between fake products and
The market share of ``Mapa Oil'' rapidly declined.

Also, from around this time, the concept of skin care items as ``foreign products'' rather than ``domestic products'' began to take hold among people.
In 1998, ``Mapa Oil'', which had a history of over 60 years, disappeared from the market.

However, even after "Mapaiyu" was withdrawn from the market,
People who know about Ma Pai Oil often asked the former factory manager, ``When will Ma Pai Oil make a comeback?''

Fast forward to June 2003.
The company name of the factory was changed to ``Qingdao Mida Daily Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.'' and ``Made Oil'' started on the road to revival.

The company's chairman, Mr. Zhang Jianmin, was not very confident about the reproduction of "Mapa Oil".
After half a year of trial operation, he said that he found that this skin care item actually has the trust and proven track record of horse oil.
In the prototype year, sales reached 7 million units, marking the highest sales volume ever.

The reason is that as a result of research and testing of horse oil,
In addition to preventing and curing dry skin, horse balm oil also helps prevent and cure dry skin.
It also gained special effects and reputation in the southern Asian market.
In southern Asia, there are many rice paddies, and pest control measures are required during farming.
Using horse oil to avoid mosquito and leech bites
All the pests are gone.
Horse oil is not only useful for skin care, but also for
Zhejiang, Hubei, Guangxi, and Yunnan provinces are said to be good for body odor and insect repellent.
Furthermore, the market is expanding to Myanmar. (From Horse Mart Oil_Baidu Encyclopedia)

▶︎Recommended for these people
・Those who suffer from rough skin every winter ・Those who want to do something about stiff heels this year ・Those who want to avoid painful cracks ・Those who want to prevent foot odor when wearing boots

Showa era mother scent (floral)


Original product name/

Mapai Runmen Oil

Internal capacity/
16g per bottle

Main ingredients/
Medical alum, white mineral oil, aroma oil

Producing area/
Qingdao, China

How to use

Hair, neck, fingers, elbows, knees, heels,
Apply an appropriate amount to areas where you are concerned about dryness, such as dryness, flakiness, or stiffness, such as around the shins, face, eyes, and lips.

*When you use it for the first time, about 5mm of balm will stick out.
Please pull the lid vertically.
*When the balm is running low, rotate the bottom clockwise to dispense the required amount as you would dispense lip balm.
*After use, turn the bottom counterclockwise to store the balm.
*Alum can also be expected to have a deodorizing effect.
*You can also expect the insect repellent effect of aroma oil.

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