[Until September 15] Hair and scalp “thorough” summer heat hair care set ≪Sailboat tile≫ Make your own [elegant (jobon) “warm” drink] with one taste

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"Thorough" summer heat hair care set
[Hair is "blood"] Supports hair and scalp from inside and outside

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Reasons for “thorough” summer heat hair care

Loss of appetite in summer and coldness caused by air conditioning can lead to malnutrition and poor blood circulation not only in the body but also in the scalp and hair, which significantly deteriorates the environment for hair growth.
At the same time, toxins accumulate, which inhibits hair growth and causes hair loss and thinning.
In addition, the extreme heat of summer causes excessive sebum and sweat secretion, which clogs pores and hinders hair growth.
In addition, the hair itself is easily damaged by UV rays, and problems such as discoloration, hair breakage, and hair loss frequently occur.
Such hair that has suffered from summer heat becomes extremely weak, and more than necessary is lost in autumn, which is said to be the "hair loss season."
And there is a good chance that it will become thin hair without recovering as it is!
That's why we recommend thorough summer heat hair care at this time of the year.

Description of item

"Hair and Scalp "Thorough" Summer Heat Hair Care Set" includes 3 items.

After washing and nourishing the skin and hair with “[Chinese Herb] Hair Curative Shampoo”, use “[Chinese Herb] Volume Treatment”.
It should be noted here that this treatment contains silicone.
In fact, silicon is necessary for hair that has been exhausted in the summer.

Silicone is bad for your hair! There is an image of this, but since it works to coat each strand of hair, it has the advantage of confining nutrition and moisture, making it easier for fingers to pass through, and preventing tangling.
For those who are concerned about hair damage due to heat exhaustion in the summer, or who want to prevent hair loss in the fall, silicone-containing products are ideal.

In addition, at the turn of the seasons from summer to autumn, by drinking “≪Sailing Ship Tiles≫ Make yourself [elegant “warm” drink] for 14 days in a row, you can maintain your hair, skin, mind and body. while
It works for aging care.
*This set includes one bag of tasting.

① Designed for women's hair
"[Chinese Herb] Hair Curing Shampoo"
Ingredients for the hair and scalp, containing Tanashichi (Sanshichi), Toki, and Ginseng.

With this one 1. Skin cleansing (purifies the scalp)
2. Hair wash (to clean hair)
3. It can nourish the skin (keep the scalp and hair healthy).
*Refer to how to use

Hair is also called ketsuyo, and is considered part of the blood.
And the internal organs most closely related to this blood are said to be "liver".
The "liver" is a storehouse of blood, and at the same time, promotes blood circulation and activates the metabolism of the whole body.

>> Click here for details on "[Chinese Herb] Hair Curing Shampoo"

② Made for hair that has started to become flat
"[Chinese Herb] Volume Treatment"
Ingredients for hair, neck bird and carrot are blended.
Also, it is hypoallergenic, so it can be used by people with sensitive skin.

With this one 1. Hair treatment (supplements and maintains moisture and oil in hair)
2. Skin massage (keep scalp and hair healthy)
3. Styling (preparing and maintaining the hairstyle) can be done.
*Refer to how to use

>> Click here for details on "[Chinese Herb] Volume Treatment"

3. What is “≪Sailing Ship Tiles≫ Make Your Own [Elegant “Hot” Drink]?

It was the end of one day's meeting.
Yes, when it comes to age, the topic of health becomes the same everywhere, and it becomes a matter of numbers.
At that point, the topic of “vascular power” came up.
The conclusion that if the blood vessels are solid, you can protect yourself from various diseases.

That's right. Healthy blood vessels are essential for blood to circulate around the body.
After that, we talked over and over again about what to do and what not to do, and the recipe was completed.
The wonderful thing is that it is neither bitter nor bad.
It is also wonderful that men and women of all ages can drink it as a delicious "hot drink" normally, which is also a point to continue.

>> Click here for details on “≪Sailing Ship Tiles≫ Make your own 【Elegant “Hot” Drink】

OK from now on! Do you want to start "thorough" care for your hair and scalp to prevent more hair loss in autumn?


▶︎Recommended for
・Those who are worried about dry hair compared to a few months ago ・Those who feel that hair loss is increasing ・Those who want to manage the volume of their hair ・Those who have sunburned hair or scalp Those who are thinking of taking measures before ・Those who want to do “thorough” summer heat hair care
▶︎Experience standard
[Chinese herb] Hair curing shampoo
As you continue to use it, you should be able to feel the difference in the luster and elasticity of your hair.
[Chinese herb] Volume treatment
1 to 3 times if you follow the instructions properly
≪Sailboat tile≫Make it yourself [Elegant “warm” drink]
You will notice the difference every time you drink it!
▶︎Aroma and taste
[Chinese herb] Hair curing shampoo
Slightly Chinese medicine
[Chinese herb] Volume treatment
I can hardly smell it, but it smells like cosmetics.
≪Sailboat tile≫Make it yourself [Elegant “warm” drink]
Smooth and fruity (sweetness of jujube)


set content/
[Chinese herb] 1 bottle of hair care shampoo (250g), [Chinese herb] 1 bottle of volume treatment (480g), ≪Sailboat tile≫ make your own [elegant 'warm' drink] 1 bag

[Chinese herb] Hair curing shampoo
Water, AES, Toki extract, ginseng extract, Tashichi extract, BS-12, cocamide MEA, water-soluble lanolin fat
[Chinese herb] Volume treatment
water, neck extract, liquid paraffin, ginseng extract, silicone emulsion
≪Sailboat tile≫Make it yourself [Elegant “warm” drink]
1 big jujube, ginger, reishi mushroom, white back black wood ears

How to use

[Chinese herb] Hair curing shampoo
[Frequency of shampooing]
Middle-aged and elderly people can wash their hair once every 2-3 days.
[Recommended shampoo method]
・It is recommended to wash your hair after warming it up in a bathtub. It opens up the pores and makes it easier to remove dirt.
・Pre-wash (wash away dust and dirt on the hair with hot water of about 40 degrees). Pre-washing after careful combing makes it easier to remove dirt and promotes blood circulation. A deep cleansing comb is recommended for combing.
・Take the shampoo in your hand, spread it on your palm and apply it to your hair.
・Wash the hair and scalp by massaging the scalp with the pads of your fingers without raising your nails.
・Rinse carefully with hot water of about 40 degrees.

[Chinese herb] Volume treatment
[How to use as summer heat hair care]
After shampooing with “[Chinese Herb] Hair Curing Shampoo”, apply a generous amount (until the hair becomes sticky) on towel-dried hair.
* For medium hair, 2 to 3 pushes are a guideline.
After carefully blending it so that it coats each strand of hair, rinse thoroughly with hot water at about 40 degrees.
After drying with a towel, use a hair dryer about 10 cm away from the hair and blow warm air for 5 minutes. Then blow dry with cool air for 1 minute.
* When the hair is wet, the cuticle is the easiest to come off, so blowing cold air on the cuticle, which tends to come off after washing, tightens the cuticle and makes it less painful.

In addition, there are also "How to use as a hair treatment", "How to use as a scalp massage", and "How to use as a styling agent".
* Described on the product introduction page and manual

≪Sailboat tile≫Make it yourself [Elegant “warm” drink]
Take out the big jujube, ginger, reishi mushroom, and white back black ear, and soak them in water for 5 minutes.
Add 1 to 1.5 liters of water to a kettle or pot and add the reconstituted large jujube, dried ginger, reishi mushrooms, and white backed black ear mushrooms and heat over high heat until boiling. After boiling, simmer over low heat for 30 minutes.
Please enjoy it over a day at a temperature that is still warm (even if it is cold, it is room temperature).

It is recommended to consume this product for 14 consecutive days.
Please wait at least 14 days before consuming again.

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